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  • Ruling on husband's oath never to accept his wife

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently got married. This marriage was against my husband's will. He took an oath on the Quran, in the name of Allah, that he will never accept me as his wife in this life. Please help, what should I do now. Is this considered a divorce under the 'eelaa'form or just a divorce? Should I end this relation? Please help. .. More

  • Swore not to have intercourse with his wife whom he was forced to marry

    what is the status of this marriage now according to islam? 1-marriage was not based on the free will of a boy but he did take her in the nikah 2-boy and girl do not have any sexual relationship after the six months of marriage 3- boy swor By Allah infront of family members ,that he will not have any relation with the girl my question is after Swearing.. More

  • Some issues about divorce and 'Eelaa'

    I have two questions related to Divorce: 1. The Hanafi school's opinion is that if a divorce is executed via an indirect or implied statement then the nikkah terminates immediately even if this is the first or second divorce. Is this opinion correct? Are scholar's of other school approve this opinion? Why Hanafi's do not allow to unite without a new.. More

  • Made a forbidden oath

    I have married but now we have conflict, and I have swear to Allaah I can't, have sex relation with her again if I will do that can be same like I have sleep with my mother, so if she will regret for her mistake can she be my wife again? .. More

  • Swore not to touch his wife

    After arguing with my wife, I swore not to touch her (Ijmaa') but in my mind, I meant just until I want to. What should I do? .. More

  • Waiting period for the divorce by vow of abstinence

    Please what is the Iddah of a woman whose marriage was dissolved by "Eala" or the vow of abstinence? Also, can the parties marry each other again after such dissolution? I would also like to know the position in respect of Zihar. .. More

  • Promised not to touch his wife but repented

    If in anger a husband takes upon himself a promise not to touch his wife what should he do when he is now repenting?.. More