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  • Husband Is Not Sinful for Refusing to Have Sexual Intercourse Unlike the Wife Date: 5-11-2020

    Al Salam Alkium, I am really confused. We always hear that it is a grave sin for the wife refusing intemacy for no reason but I have never heared of the same being a gave sin for the husband. I have heard that if a husband has only one wife he only has to sleep with her one out of the three nights and during the other three nights he can spend doing.. More

  • She Said Thihaar Words to Her Husband Before Marriage Date: 28-7-2019

    Assalamu Alikum, my question is about zihar by female before marriage. Somewhere I learned that if a fimale before marriage uters words of zihar then marries that man it's a zihar by women has no right to stop husbend from having sex but she has to give kaffarah. Is it true if so then what kind of relationship husband and wife in that case have can.. More

  • Writing the Word Thihaar Does Not Lead to Thihaar Date: 18-6-2019

    What is Zihar? I suffer from huge wasawis in my life. I was typing the same question (What is Zihar?) in google to get some information on this topic but a thought of my wife came in my mind when I typed this word Zihar in google. Can Zihar take place like this ? I had no intention of Zihar towards my wife. My intention was to do some research on google.. More

  • Thinking that one's fiancée is like his mother does not constitute thihaar Date: 13-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is the following: I thought about my fiancée that she could be like my mother a few hours after a light argument that her and I had on the phone. Is this thihaar? Is it still permissible for me to marry her? I did not say it out loud neither took an oath, but I do remember clearly thinking it in my head, or perhaps I.. More

  • Calling on wife as 'man' does not constitute Thihaar Date: 20-12-2014

    is caliing your wife a man zihaar. i was asking my wife to share her food with me and i said to her angrily give me some man! nowadays i have waswas about thos subject. so when i said it i paused incase me calling her man was zihaar but because i was angry i still called her said man!. and said it in a derogatory way is this zihaar .. More

  • A woman is not permitted to say to her husband 'You are prohibited for me like my father and brother' Date: 14-1-2014

    What is the Sharee‘ah rulings on these cases: First: a wife says to her husband “You are prohibited for me as my father and brother” or “I am prohibited for you.” Is she guilty for this? Does this affect the validity of the marital contract? What is the expiation required here? Second: a wife intends to say such words but she did not do.. More

  • The sequence of expiation followed in case of Thihaar Date: 6-3-2012

    Must the expiation of Thihaar mentioned in the Quran be tried in sequence, according to the man’s ability, or is he allowed to choose from the three kinds of expiation? How can we tell that a person is capable of fasting or not? If a person fasts but hugs or kisses his wife while fasting, must he offer a new expiation?.. More

  • He said to his wife “You are my mother and sister” Date: 21-10-2011

    If someone wrathfully tell his wife, "you are my mother and sister" and when saying this no witnesses were there but husband and wife, are they gonna be divorced? If so what should they do? Thank you.. More

  • A sadistic husband considering his wife as a slave Date: 2-10-2011

    Assalammualaikum, bdsm is a foreplay where a couple (husband and wife) enjoying private time together by tie up his/her couple and spank etc. The question is, is it permissible in Islam? if a man praticing this kind of fetishism, and likening his wife as slave, isn't that considered as dzihar?.. More

  • Said his mother might think his fiancée will be another mother for him Date: 11-4-2011

    asak one of my friend is getting married next month inshallah.We were just discussing about his fiance that hoping she might be good human and wil take good care of her husband.By accident my friend said if my wife takes too much care of me after mariage then my mum wil think whther i got another mother.Saying this by mistake wil it affect anything.. More

  • Leaving the sequence when making the expiation for Thihaar Date: 13-3-2011

    Salam, my friend commited zihar by refering to his wife as his mothers back.He want to get her back by perfoming kafarah,however he sees it difficult to fast two consegative months and instead want to feed sixty poor people because he has the this allowed since he is capable of fasting since he is still young and energetic. Kindly help... More

  • She said to her child that his father is like a brother in age Date: 19-1-2011

    Assalamu alaikum. Playing & joking with the child about the age, the mother says to her child that his father (.ie.her husband) is like a brother in Age (8 years elder). This is said for a joke only. What is the interpretation? Has she done a mistake and repent or is it OK as it was doen merely by joke. I heard that saying wife as SISTER or husband.. More

  • Her husband said to her 'You are my sister with respect to Muslim relation' Date: 4-6-2010

    Assalam-u-Alaikum, I live in China. I want to ask question if you guide me please. One day I was talking to my husband. I am describing my discussion below In discussion my husband take the name of one girl (living close to us) and admired her Husband: In a non-muslim culture she is following the Islam very well. She cares for her salat and modesty... More

  • Said to her husband that he is Haraam to her if he will not grow his beard Date: 21-12-2009

    my problem is that i told my husband if u wont keep beard i take allah's kasam that u r haram for me so wat should i do now?plz reply me soon im very much worried.. More

  • Vowed that his fiancée is like his mother to him for the rest of his life Date: 17-11-2005

    I intentionally vowed by Allaah not to marry my fiancée. I also vowed that she is like my mother to me for the rest of my life. I did all these intentionally while knowing what I was doing. My question is that can I marry the same lady or she is Haraam for me. Please explain because we seem to be coming closer once again and marriage is an important.. More