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  • 'The child is attributed to the owner of the bed.' Date: 24-1-2023

    As-salam alykom.I am a revert to Isalm, alhamdulilah. My family recently discovered my father was born from zina. We found this out from DNA ethnicity testing. So his last name is not the name of his biological father but rather the man who raised him. Despite having concrete evidence of this he is concealing the evidence from the man who raised him.. More

  • Grave marital issues Date: 14-1-2023

    Salam, My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. In this six years a lot of bad things have happened between us. He doesn’t fulfil my needs as a wife sexually physically or emotionally but yet will not divorve me. I have had sexual relations outside of marriage on two separate occasions and as a result have birthed two sons. However I.. More

  • Always Suspected Her Husband of Adultery and Asked Him To Make Li’aan Date: 14-10-2021

    I always suspected my husband.he always saying that he didn’t do adultery. So i told him to Take the oath like sura nur. He said 4times by Allah that he is truthful that he didn’t do adultery. Fifth time said if he lied then the wrath of Allah fall upon him. After that he said to me why only he took the oath i should also took the oath so i also.. More

  • Modern Means of Technology Are Not Sufficient As Evidence in Proving Zina Date: 14-10-2021

    If a woman accuses a person of zina, and instead of having four witnesses, she has video proof from a surveillance camera that recorded the incident, would four witness still be needed, or is this sufficient? .. More

  • Li‘aan is Only Valid in the Presence of the Judge or His Representative Date: 16-11-2020

    2: if husband and wife do lian in house without anyone's knowledge and without witness can it make them permanently forbidden to each other, please give answer according to 4madhab in islam. But they want to remain married each other, but did it for ignorance.. More

  • What Is Mentioned in the Question Is Not Li‘aan Date: 12-10-2020

    I always suspected my husband, so one day I said him; if you are innocent then take oath by Allah 4 times that you do not did adultry and fifth time said that he is innocent, if not then the rath of Allah fall upon him. He also said me to do the oath that I am also did not audeltry, I also take the oath same. But we did not known it is lian. But no.. More

  • Li‘aan Is Not Applicable from A Wife Against Her Husband Date: 21-9-2020

    If husband and wife did fornication before there marriage and repented. Now the husband accusing wife for previous jina with him. 1)Can this accusation need lian?2)if husband did fornication and said wife about that,can the woman do lian against his husband that her husband does fornication ,like a husband take oath against his wife? Please answer according.. More

  • Said to his wife ‘Has anybody touched you before our marriage?' Date: 14-4-2008

    Assalam u alaikum Dear Sir, If a husband said to his wife in anger "have anybody before our marriage touch you". Will this sentence have any impact / effect on the Nikkah. Allah hafiz.. More

  • Situations that make a wife forbidden for her husband Date: 25-7-2006

    When a girl (wife) become maharam or haaraam for her husband?.. More

  • Her husband rejects his daughter to be traced back to him Date: 7-3-2006

    I have known my husband five years and we have been married four. After two years of marriage in the US he went home to Tunisia. The US would not let him return for ten years because of overstay of visa. I went to Tunisia and fought for his return. In this period I became pregnant. It took 15 months of hard work but in short his case was approved... More

  • Explanation of the Hadeeth regarding adultery of the wife without witnesses Date: 8-3-2005

    I have contacted you before and I do appreciate your advice, however I also visit other sites and the advice can be conflicting. when I visited last I mentioned that I am married, but have been unfaithful (Zina) and husband knows (I informed him because I thought I was obligated to do so, only to find out later that I was not obligated.. More

  • Husband slandering his wife Date: 29-8-2004

    I have a question:A man blames his wife that she has committed Zina on a Du'aa' test after 30 years of marriage and says that a handicapped son is not his and instructs the wife to stay away from him, not divorces nor does the wife ask for it as she has kids. The husband without having four witnesses as per Islaam and also now marries another.. More