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  • She married him six months after being impregnated by him Date: 9-6-2011

    A muslim has fell in love with a christian girl and during the courtship, the girl becomes pregnant. later after six months the girl is coverted to Islamand Nikah is performed. Wether the child is legitimate or not?.. More

  • Her daughter from her ex-husband was conceived before marriage Date: 25-1-2011

    hi asalaam alaykium i have a child who is almost 2 now. she was concieved out of wedlock, and about 2 months after finding out i was pregnant me and her father married, so she was born in wedlock. i am now married again to another man, we are both looking to leave the country dose my child have rights over her father, also does he have to provide.. More

  • These two Fataawa about illegitimate children are not contradictory Date: 2-11-2010

    May Allah bless u,i often take fatwa from this site and also read previous fatwas to increase my knowledge.thanks for guiding muslims to the right path.But two differebt fatwas on the same topic made me confused.I want to ask and be thankful if u give me answer, 1,In fatwa no. 83680 and 122443 u were asked the same question that is nikah of a man.. More

  • He impregnated a woman, married her and divorced her before giving birth Date: 21-7-2010

    May Allah bless u.I have been married for three years now after three years my husband told me that he had comitted zina before marriage.As a result the woman became pragnant,After pragnancy they did nikah,but before delivery he divorced that woman,after divorce she gave birth to a boy 1,Is the child Halal or Haram ,as nikah was done after pragnancy.. More

  • Her non-Muslim parents were not married when she was born Date: 22-4-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, My parents are not muslim. they were not married when i was born. my dad was not around much when i was growing up. i was raised by my mom and my grandparents (my mom's parents). so they gave me my mom's father's name. now that i am muslim, i am wondering if it's ok to keep this name or do i need to change my name to my father's?.. More

  • Her husband adopted her two illegitimate daughters Date: 17-8-2009

    i have 2 daughters out of zina from a non-muslim, now i am married to a muslim and accepted my 2 daughters and they are using his family name. is these accepted?.. More

  • A married Muslim woman found out that she was born out of wedlock Date: 5-8-2009

    I am a 24 year old muslim female, I just found out that I was born out of wedlock (zina). At the time my mother was a non-muslim while my father was a muslim. They married a year after I was born, and my mother later converted. I am concerned because I read that the child of Zina can not be attributed to the man who committed the sin. Does that mean.. More

  • Her husband has an illegitimate son Date: 20-7-2009

    AOA, I have been looking for an answer for a long time to this question so I hope you can help me. I have been married to my husband for abt a yr and a half. I few mnths after we got married, I found out that my husband has an illegitimate son. B/c a woman was claiming child support. My husband then told me that he lived with this woman for about 10.. More

  • Why the illegitimate child is not traced back to the adulterer Date: 2-7-2009

    ASA, my question is about children that are born outside of marriage with a non muslim partner. it chocks me to read your advice that the (innocent) child is seen as a bastard (although one of the parents is Muslim) and the muslim parent should stay away from it. Shouldnt it be a incentive for the muslim parent who made a grave sin, to repent and try.. More

  • Her husband had a child from Zina before he married her Date: 10-6-2009

    Assalamu alaikum i would be greatful if you could answer my query, about two years ago before me and my husband got married, he committed zina with a women and got her pregnant. Since the child was born my husband has only seen him a few times which caused major problems in our marriage. For this reason i went to a scholar to find out the ruling about.. More

  • Status of illegitimate children in the hereafter Date: 2-6-2009

    what was the stand for the person who's parent borne him without marriege in the day of qiyama but some people say even he did well as ALLAH command him to do he may not get into jannah?.. More

  • His Christian mother conceived him from Zina with a Muslim man Date: 3-2-2009

    Assalaamualaikum! What is the hukm of a child that was conceived by muslim man with a christian woman before them being married? The parents got married after the mother became pregnant.This child is now an adult muslim, and has carried the muslim name of his father throughout his lifetime. Normally in shariah muslim doesn't inherit non-muslims. But.. More

  • A Muslim woman having an illegitimate child in a non-Muslim country Date: 11-12-2007

    Al Salam A'laykom Brother, I some questions 1). A muslim woman who was pregnant and and give a chilbirth by non-muslim,what would be the punishment in Islam and in my country there is no Shariah it is governed by Christian, how the muslims punish her that we're under the Christian Law. 2). Should we give Aqiqa for the child? and what is the name to.. More

  • Naming a child whose father’s identity is unknown Date: 29-11-2007

    A muslim child whose father's identity is unknown, and the unmarried mother has also abandoned the child who is taken care by another couple, what second name will the child be given when the father's name is not known.? Is there any evidence of such incident in Quran & Sunnah? Leave aside the inherital rights but what about psycological and moral.. More

  • Ruling on performing ‘Aqeeqah on an illegitimate child Date: 18-11-2007

    a. As you said Muslims ahould not attend the Naming Ceremony of a baby whose parents are not married, who then give the baby a Name and who will help the Mother to kill the Ram[AQEEQAH]. b. I need evidence from the Quran and Sunnah, whether it is permisible for Muslims to use Musical Instruments, they claimed to promote Islam with Music even they use.. More