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  • Wants to stop her husband from contact with illegitimate son Date: 7-1-2014

    Asalaamualaykum my husband have a christian eligitimate son and is eager to build a relationship with him is it wrong of me as his wife to deny him to see that child or to build a relationship .. More

  • Child of Zina has nothing to do with his biological father Date: 1-9-2013

    My young son was seduced by an older married woman. After 1 instance of intercourse she became pregnant and hid away. later she made contact with my son and allowed him to grow to love his daughter. She also asked him for money giving sob stories. She maintained secrecy over her identity - "Aishah". After the amounts of money and complications became.. More

  • Your mother's children from Zina are your lawful siblings Date: 29-5-2013

    salam alaikom, i have a question to ask. My parents got divroced and my mother has become a non muslim, she has concieved two children by zinaa and to her she sees it as being normal because she isnt muslim anymore. Are these children classed as my brothers and do i have to give them there rights as brothers ? .. More

  • He left his wife to live with a woman from whom he had two illegitimate children Date: 25-4-2013

    Before marriage I was with a girl out of wedlock, ive had two children with the girl out of wedlock. I tried to keep it all quiet so I could keep my family happy. Well eventually it all came out nd I saw no other option to leave home. Now im with the girl out of wedlock looking after my children. Ive become colse to the kids and I dont want them to.. More

  • Illegitimate child is attributed to its mother Date: 29-12-2012

    assalamu alaykuma wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! may Allah bless and reward you, as i have a question that is quite difficult to answer! i know of a girl who is an illegitimate child. although her father is muslim, her mother is not. her mother also abandoned her after birth, and the maternal side of her family have cut off all ties, wanting nothing.. More

  • Child is legitimate if Li'aan is not done immediately Date: 16-12-2012

    AAWW, dear brothers and sisters, please help me I have commited a great sin. I have an affair that resulted in a child, I have read an all answers that relate to my situation and am following the advise. my husband does not know about it and nobodys knows either i did not reliase this in the beginging but as the child grows am begining to think she.. More

  • An Illegitimate son may lead prayer and bury his mother Date: 2-12-2012

    I am a son born out of wedlock my parents never married & i was raised by my mother I had never met my father & recently learnt than he had passed away my concern is as a muslim & being illegitimate i know that i cannot lead any Namaaz/Salaah i want to know should my mother die will i be able to lay her down in her Qabr & can i be.. More

  • He has a joint guardianship of a baby girl with his barren ex-wife Date: 30-7-2012

    Assalamualaikum, I have recently given Talake Baine to my wife . She was barren so we were fostering a baby girl. She is now of 2 yrs. By the law we got legal guardianship of the baby jointly from court. It’s not an adoption. . I don't want to keep in touch in any means with my ex. So I don't want to take any responsibility of the baby as she.. More

  • Separated from her husband, embraced Islam and got pregnant from Zina Date: 1-4-2012

    I have a friend who converted in islam for 1 and a half year already, she is separated in her husband for 4 years and having a relationship with a muslim man right now and it happens that they commit fornication and my friend is pregnant now and she is so confuse what she will do.....please I need your view in this case,jazak'Allah khairan... More

  • Illegitimate children are only reckoned for their own deeds Date: 6-3-2012

    Would illegitimate children enter Paradise? If not, why is that so in spite of the fact that they had nothing to do with their parents’ crime? .. More

  • Relationship to illicit children Date: 29-1-2012

    Assalam alaikum. Can a muslim man enjoy normal relationship with his adult, non muslim illicit kids.Can he introduce those illicit children as his own son and daughter. Can he take them to different places and have fun with them saying it is his duty as a father and can The man say that he is cementing his ties with the children so that he can present.. More

  • Husband asking for advice in illegitimate child and other marital issues Date: 29-1-2012

    aslamu alyikum, my situation is i hav been married to a new convert woman for over a year,unfortunatly we had a child before marrage, he is now 6, i am 25, and she is 28, alhumdillah since two ramadans ago i have been more keen on the deen, and seeking knowledge may Allah forgive me and let me die a shaheed. so after marriage we moved in together.. More

  • Precautions and rulings in tracing back a child to its father in case of fornication Date: 1-12-2011

    My question is I was raped in side my house I was too scared to tell my husband .The offender blackmailed and threatened to harm my family if I don’t do as he says. He introduced me to his wife and his kids we were good friends we spent a lot time together .My husband tried to stop this but I can with many excuses hoping allah will make a miracle.. More

  • Should she tell her daughter's future husband that she is illegitimate? Date: 15-9-2011

    My daughter was born out of wedlock before i accepted islam she is also a muslim in the process of getting married to a muslim man.Do we have to tell her future husband and his family about this?My daughter is so embarresed and hurt about the whole situation.Would her marriage be valid? .. More

  • Wants to marry a new Muslim woman who has a son from Zina Date: 15-6-2011

    Assalam Alekum I wish to marry a girl who recently converted to Islam. She has a 6 year old son who was born out of wedlock when she was a Christian. She did not marry the father of the child because he had cheated on her. She has converted her son to Islam too. Can you please tell me what are the rights of the child’s father and does he have the.. More

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