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  • A woman throwing her illegitimate child on the street Date: 12-9-2007

    Sir : Salamu Alikum: wa rahmathullah wa barakthu. If any women (muslim) or (nonmuslim) giving birth with illegal affairs and she through the child on the street. if any body found that its ok otherwise: the child dead or any other creatures dogs or eating he dead. ( THAT MOTHER ON " YOUM AL KHIYAMA" WHAT PUNISHMENT SHE WILL GET FROM ALLH SUBAHANWATHALA).. More

  • His first son was born out of Zina Date: 24-6-2007

    salaam alaikum wa rahmatu allah. 18 yaers ago I comitted a big sin(zinna). I slept with an english girl and made her pregnant. I was 20 at the time. I married her after two months of her been pregnant in the registry office and the mosque. we had a boy who is 17 years old, plus another 3 childrens. el hamdu lillah tubt.she became a muslim, she wears.. More

  • Non-Muslim woman had a child from Zina with a Muslim man Date: 5-9-2005

    I'm not Muslim, but I was living with a Muslim. Although we knew it was not supposed to be like that. He tried, I started reading the Quran and liked, we have a son that is now 4 years old. He loves his son like never see before. All of a sudden he disappeared. My son keeps asking for him, talking about him and walking around the house with.. More

  • Raising children with various marital conditions Date: 6-6-2005

    I currently have a question on file as 268929 not answered yet, in addition to that one I want to add if the children were born out of wedlock can they still be considered Muslims if I am raising them Muslim ages 8, 4, 6 months and if I remarry and their biological father does not practice Islam and myself and new husband are practicing what.. More

  • She had a son by Zina Date: 23-5-2005

    I'm having some serious issues. About three years ago I got pregnant by a Muslim brother and we were not married. Instead of him being a man and helping me out with this situation he ran and left the country. I decided to get an abortion. But on the day that I went I felt that Allaah was giving me signs. The doctor was a Muslim and so was the nurse... More

  • Status of Illegitimate Children Date: 10-5-2005

    I am a Pakistani and a lawyer by profession. My question is about the illegitimate children. Who are the Mahrams of illegitimate children, i.e., the relatives who they can and cannot marry? What are their rights and duties under Islamic Law? Please do give references of Holy Qur'an or Ahadith while giving Fatwa. .. More

  • Her 14 year-old son's relationship to her in-laws is questionable Date: 10-5-2005

    I have a friend who had a child before becoming Muslim, she then married a Muslim man and she too became Muslim Al-Hamdulillaah, but now her husband's mother is saying that she and other female members of the family have to cover in front of her son, who is 14 because he is not her proper grandson, what is the Islamic ruling regarding this, as it.. More

  • Status of child born out of wedlock Date: 27-12-2004

    we have two questions to pose, first concerning the status of children born out of wedlock before a brother or sister has taken the Shahaadah in regards to rights responsibilities from the parent to child and from child to parent after the parent has professed to being Muslim and the child has not also being that the children other parent.. More

  • Wife Has Child by Adultery Date: 5-12-2004

    Does an adulterous wife (who committed illegal sexual for about 2 years and told the complete story to husband and repent to Allah, according to her the last child born was from the adulterer) should be forgiven and given a chance of purifying herself by following Islam whole-heartedly? (If yes how to move in the society? Should the husband's mother.. More

  • A child from adultery: what to do? Date: 29-6-2004

    I have done something terrible, A few months ago, I came out of my over garments and cheated on my husband of 4 years, and became pregnant, how do I gain forgiveness of not only my husband, but Allah, what do I need to do?.. More

  • Rulings on Children Out of Wedlock of Muslim Converts Date: 15-1-2003

    What is the ruling on those who converted to Islam and had a previous relationship with the other sex and she or he (i.e the one who converted to Islam) had illegitimate children out of this relationship? What is the ruling on those children? How should their Muslim parent deal with them Islamically? Please, enlighten me in this regard in details. Ma.. More

  • Inheritance of an illegitimate child Date: 7-9-2002

    Can a bastard child inherit from his father? If no why? Please give me authorities from Qur'an, Sunnah and other relevant Islamic sources. .. More

  • Child born of Zina Date: 20-4-2002

    I live in USA and I lived with a woman for 5 years without being married to her (she is not Muslim). During this time she got pregnant and we got a baby boy (she is his mother of course, and I'm his father). The day she delivered the boy she gave him her family name without asking me. I learned that later on, so he does not carry my name now. I tried.. More

  • Raising child of Zina in Muslim environment Date: 16-10-2001

    Man having child of 3 years from a non-Muslim girl as per American law is true father and has to grow up child and pay for childcare. Admits his sin and seeks to marry a Muslim girl. Your Fatwa granted permission to get married but should not have any contact with the son because son is not legal according to Islamic Shariah.a) It is not possible.. More

  • Muslim Putative Father of Child Wants to Marry Muslim Girl Date: 10-7-2001

    American Muslim youth seeks to marry a Muslim girl in America. Have a child age 3 years from an unmarried girl friend. As per American law is paying US 250 every month for child care and has to pay up to child's age of 18 years. Admits he is real father and he admits made mistake and shall not do again. Loves his child. Child lives with mother and father.. More