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  • Wife taking her husband's surname Date: 9-5-2005

    Can a woman take her husband's name as surname after marriage? Please note that this is common practice in South Asia and Europe. Please give some references with your answer. .. More

  • Naming a girl 'Ghausia' Date: 24-4-2005

    My question is can we name a girl Ghausia (derived from Ghaus). I asked a Hanafi scholar and he said no because it has elements of shirk in it and he also said that it is usually used by the Barelwis. I told my husband but he's not convinced and wants a second opinion. Could you please advise us?.. More

  • Having the name 'Khan' Date: 29-3-2005

    Khan is a very common last name among Indian and Pakistani Muslims. It means ruler/king of the kings. In the light of Hadeeth below, should Muslims not have Khan as last names? If they do already have it, what should they do? Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allaah's Apostle said, "The most awful name in Allaah's sight on the Day of Resurrection,.. More

  • Naming a Muslim child in honor of a deceased non-Muslim grandparent Date: 24-2-2005

    Is it permissible for a Muslim parent to give his child a Western name in memory and honour of a dead non-Muslim grandparent? What about as a nickname or a middle name? .. More

  • Wants to change her family name because it has a bad meaning Date: 20-2-2005

    My question concerns changing one's last name. In brief, my parents got a divorce quite a while back but my father's last name has a very bad meaning. Would it be wrong for me to change my last name? I am not trying to deny who my father is, I know who he is and would never deny this fact, it is just that I find the last name I have to.. More

  • His name is Shahjahan Date: 25-11-2004

    My question is regarding my name, as I have read in your Fatwa name effects personality. The name given to me is SHAHJAHAN. I found of the mean it means SHAH- ruler or king JAHAN means land or world so it means ruler of world. I'm 26 years now. I would like to know if there is anything wrong in my name and should I change my name... More

  • Changing the name Helen Date: 9-9-2004

    My name is Helen. I'm Muslimah, as my question about my name, I heard this name is Haraam. So, my question is: If I must to change it to Arabic name or this is not compulsory... More

  • Naming a child Malak in Islam Date: 25-5-2004

    Is the name Malak allowed for Muslim?.. More

  • Name of Malak Date: 22-4-2004

    Is the name of Malak allowed for Muslim?.. More

  • Changing names thinking they are unlucky Date: 18-2-2004

    I have a quick question which I hope that you will be able to help me answer. I have a Muslim neighbour who's about to change his son and daughters name (from Jamaal, Nabeela). These are nice names, Masha Allah... but he thinks they’re unlucky for some reason, and wants to change them. As far as I'm concerned we don't have superstition in Islam.. More

  • Changing names is permissible if not for a bad purpose Date: 2-10-2003

    Is changing of names after marriage permitted in Islam, May be just as called by pet names or sometimes the surname? Please provide answer to this query as soon as possible... More

  • Using some of Allah's names for naming persons Date: 14-5-2003

    Is this right to use the market name as 'Hafeez Centre' as al-Hafeez is among the names of Allah? In our country (Pakistan) names of persons Hameed, Majeed, Majid, Karim, Wajid are used. Is this right?.. More

  • Naming son "Mumin" Date: 30-4-2003

    I have a son and named him "Mumin". Is that is wrong to call him Mumin?.. More

  • Named "Abde Nabi" Date: 28-10-2002

    My name is Abd Nebi . Some people told me that I have to change my name. What do you think?.. More

  • Questionable name Date: 18-9-2002

    My name is Abde Nabi (slave of the Prophet). Some people told me that I had to change my name... More