114 fatwas

  • Her righteous husband thinks he has lost his faith Date: 31-12-2009

    salam aleikum. i have one question about iman. my husband is a very good and practising muslim. he read the quraan every day, pray the 5 obligatory salats and pray many sunna salats too and is always in the mosque. he reads very much about islam and listen to many lessons too but still he say that lately he have loose his imaan. we always listen to.. More

  • The Prophets of the children of Israel were following the Torah Date: 15-5-2008

    Assalamu Alaykom, Were the prophets that were sent to the people of Israel (the jews) between the advent of Moses PBUH and Esa PBUH given any holy book beside the Torah? Or did they just rule using the laws of the Torah? Thank you.. More

  • Eternity in Hellfire for the 72 deviant sects Date: 16-4-2008

    Alsalamu Alaykom, According to the prophet'S PBUH hadith, muslims will be divided into 72 sects, all will go to hell, except one which is ahl al sunnah and jama'a. 1- Does it mean that the other sects will remain in hell for eternity or will just receive some punishment in hell fire? 2- How many deviant sects do we know in this day? Please name some.. More

  • Means to reinforce faith Date: 5-12-2007

    How can a Muslim reinforce his faith?.. More

  • Quran and Sunnah are the only authority for Muslims Date: 29-11-2007

    Do Muslims have an authority like the Catholic pope to whom they refer?.. More

  • Quranic proofs of the pillars of faith Date: 11-11-2007

    Please state the Quranic verses where Allaah explained the pillars of faith... More

  • Following the righteous predecessors Date: 11-11-2007

    Why do we follow the righteous predecessors? Please explain... More

  • Whispers regarding creed Date: 11-11-2007

    Some dangerous questions, especially about creed and creation, come to my mind. Am I possessed or bewitched? What is the treatment?.. More

  • Signs of strong faith Date: 11-11-2007

    How can we tell if we are true believers?.. More

  • Invalidity of a civil arbitrators’ decision Date: 10-11-2007

    What is the ruling on an arbitrators' decision, which was issued in a civic dispute, when they do not observe religious principles? .. More

  • Al-Haakimiyyah as a branch of Tawheed Date: 7-5-2007

    Is there 4 branches of tawheed? 1. there is tawheed-ur-rububiyyah 2. there is tawheed-ul-uluhiyyah 3. there is tawheed-ul-asmaai-was-swifaat WHAT ABOUT TAWHEED OF LEGISLATION?.. More

  • Recommended books for learning the basics of Aqeedah Date: 28-3-2007

    I have been recommended the following two books to read to learn about the proper Islamic aqidah: 1. al-Ibânah `an Usûl al-Diyânah by Abû al-Hasan al-Ash`arî 2. al-I`tiqâd wal-Hidâyah ilâ Sabîl al-Rashâd by al-Bayhaqî [edited by Ahmad b. Abî al-`Aynayn] What is your opinion on the above books. Can you please also recommend some books for.. More

  • The meaning of Aqeedah Date: 23-7-2006

    What is the meaning of Al-Aqeedah .. More

  • Signs of weakness of faith Date: 22-3-2006

    What are the signs of weakness of faith? .. More

  • Groups in Islam Date: 14-1-2006

    Is there groups in Islam like Sunni, Mujahid, Jamaat etc, or is it one? .. More