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  • Debating With Non-Muslims Date: 11-7-2018

    My friends mock me for being a follower of Islam, how can I show them that Allah, the mighty one, is true and that they are wrong. Also, can I prove to them that Allah, the greatest of all, is real using the Qur'An. Please help me brothers. .. More

  • Wants an explanation of a quote cited in a book on Islam Date: 31-8-2004

    I am interested in what your opinion on a little book written by James A. Michener title of the book is Islaam: The Misunderstood Religion. He says in the last paragraph in this book, people of the West will meet numerous problems in the Muslim World. But many of them will be softened by a remark that Mohammad made to his followers: "You will.. More

  • Dialogue between Muslims and Christians Date: 14-9-2002

    What is the ruling about the discussion between Muslims and Christians; and what are its benefits? .. More