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  • Islam's view of democracy and dictatorship Date: 15-1-2017

    What does Islam say about preferring democracy over dictatorship? .. More

  • The fact that Islam is comprehensive does not mean that it is totalitarian Date: 17-2-2016

    I have been debating with some friends of mine (who are newly converts to islam and lived all their lives with the conviction that democracy is the best governing system) on whether there is any area, field, or aspect of life that is not governed by Islam. I could provide a ruling for every aspect of lifein the sharia, so they came to the conclusion.. More

  • Forming parties in Muslim countries Date: 8-5-2011

    Is it permissible to form parties in Muslim countries?Is it permissible to join a party for the sake of Islam?.. More

  • Consultation in Islam Date: 1-9-2004

    What is the role of Shurah in an Islaamic state?.. More

  • Islam and democracy Date: 11-5-2003

    Does Islam allow democracy?.. More

  • Shura in Islam Date: 4-9-2002

    I want to ask about the difference between parliament use by countries at present day and Shura that were used long ago by Khulafa ar-Rashidin? Does parliament have similar characteristic with Shura? What is your opinion about it according to Islamic perspective? Do you think that Muslim countries nowadays are using Shura in solving the problem or not?.. More