538 fatwas

  • First to cross the Sirat on the Day of Judgment Date: 4-5-2003

    On the Day of Judgement, before entering Paradise, by the Grace of Allah, everyone will have to cross the Siraat (the bridge over Hellfire). There will be one person who will be the first to cross the Siraat, who is he, and what is the evidence (Hadith) for your answer?.. More

  • Evidence that the Mahdi has been born Date: 15-4-2003

    Is it true that the Mahdi is born? I'm wondering about this question for a long time, I asked my Islamic teacher at my Islamic school, but it seems there is little information... More

  • Sex in Heaven Date: 29-3-2003

    Is there really Heaven where sex is free all the time?.. More

  • Location of Heaven and Hell Date: 5-3-2003

    Where is heaven and where is hell?.. More

  • Fate of one who has not heard of Islam Date: 26-2-2003

    In our community we spend a lot of time talking about Islam and someone brought up a question where none could answer: If someone never heard of Islam and lives in the middle of nowhere how could someone like he/she enter Paradise?.. More

  • Disobedient Muslims Will Eventually Enter Paradise after Punishment Date: 5-2-2003

    I heard a scholar on Pakistan television saying that if one took or stole even two pennies, i.e. some money, and could not return that to its owner he would lose 700 prayers. Is is correct? While I heard in India that there will be no questioning about prayers on the Day of Judgement. But, the good deeds and the bad deeds will be weighed and a person.. More

  • A legless person raised on Judgement Day Date: 27-1-2003

    If a person lost his legs and then died, will this person be raised up and come back on the judgement day with no legs ? If yes, how will he/she be able to walk ?.. More

  • Every Dead Person Will Be Questioned after Death Date: 23-12-2002

    When a person dies just after burial questioning takes place in the graveyard by the angles. When a person's burial takes place after two or three days or when a person died in an accident and the body is not found how and where does questioning take place? Where is the person's soul kept in that period? .. More

  • Belief in the Day of Judgement Date: 17-12-2002

    Can you explain to me the Muslim faith in the Day of Judgement? .. More

  • Can a dead person hear? Date: 15-12-2002

    Can a dead person hear? Please explain to me light of evidence mention Qur'an and Hadith.{Verily you cannot make the dead hear and you cannot make the deaf hear the call when they turn their backs and retreat} [27:80]. {The living and the dead are not alike. Allah makes whoever he wishes hear, but you cannot make those in the graves hear} [35:22].The.. More

  • Lives of the Prophets and martyrs after death Date: 27-11-2002

    How can we prove that the Last Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) and Prophet I'sa (Alaihi Salaam) and other Prophets (specially Al-Khidr in the period of Musa (Alaihi Salaam) and martyrs are alive now? What is the right creed about this matter?It will be Shirk if we believe that they can hear. It will be Shirk if we believe that they are.. More

  • Life in Paradise Date: 23-11-2002

    Will one know or live with his parents in the afterlife? Will he remember them in Paradise? And if a Muslim did not marry, in order to fulfill his duties to his parents, who will he live with in Jannah? .. More

  • Belief in Rebirth of the Soul Date: 28-10-2002

    What is the ruling for the belief of the rebirth of the soul. .. More

  • Doors to Hell and Paradise Date: 22-10-2002

    What is the number doors to Hell and Paradise?.. More

  • The Muslim Leader that We Should Mention when Asked by Angels in the Grave Date: 25-9-2002

    Who is our Muslim leader that we should answer when we will be asked by Angel Munkar? .. More