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  • Ruling on supplicating against oneself for evil or for entering Hell

    Is it possible for someone to give up their chance to go to Heaven? For example, if someone were to swear by Allah they are going to Hell (and they do so by intending to give up their right to go to Heaven), then are they destined for Hell? What if such a person repents of this and regrets this, then do they still have a chance to go to Heaven or are.. More

  • Spouses in Paradise

    if an unmarried woman ask allah to be married in Jannah with a man who does not have huri or wife is this possible? is it possible allah makes her think she is the only wife and hides the knowledge of the other wive/huris from her? .. More

  • Ruling on cauterization

    AssalamualaikumThere is a Hadith where Prophet(PBUH) said that 70000 of my followers will enter paradise without reckoning, they are those who 1) avoid asking Ruqyah 2)do not believe in bad omen 3)avoid seeking cauterization. I have a confusion regarding this, I want to remove skin tags on my eyelid by cauterization. It is not causing any harm to me.. More

  • Miscarried Baby Will Not Pull Its Non-Muslim Mother to Paradise

    Assalam Alikum. It is said that a miscarried baby would pull its mother to jannah. however if the mother is a nonmuslim,would the miscarried baby still pull its mother to jannah? .. More

  • The Ranks of People in Paradise

    Assalamu Alaikum Dear Sheikh, My name is Hamza and I'm a Canadien living in Montreal. I will really appreciate if you can answer in a clear way my simple question. In the Quran, Allah says that the righteous people will be reunited in jannah with the prophets, the sidiqueen, the martyrs and the Pious people. He also said that family members who make.. More

  • People’s Degrees Vary according to their Righteousness

    is it true unmarried people are inferior? there some people who died unmarried, will allah look down on them? is marriage a must to enter jannah? .. More

  • Hellfire Exists Now but Its Fierceness Will Increase on the Day of Judgement

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmetullahi wa baraktuh, i have a question regarding ayah nr.12 in surah at-Takwir(81). In the english translation it says " and when Hellfire is set ablaze". My question now is, is jahannam at this moment burning and does this mean that on yawmul-qiyamah hellfire will increase in its burning? Did i understand this correctly? I.. More

  • Seeing the Prophet, the Companions and the Righteous in Paradise

    Al Salam AlaykomI always wondered, If I Inshallah go to Janna, Can I see the prophet and the sahaba and meet them, and talk to them in Janna? Jazakum Allah kheir. .. More

  • Tents in Paradise Are Not The Same As Chambers and Palaces

    Assalam aalekum sheikh tents and palaces in jannah are two different things .I was reading Haadi Al arwah in that it was given this tents will be different and palaces will be different and this tents will be placed in the gardens and on the banks of river of paradise is it true?tents will be placed in gardens and on banks of rivers for believer also.. More

  • Manner of Retribution on the Day of Judgment whether in Regard to a Muslim or Non-Muslim

    If I steal some money or property from a muslim brother and I don't apologize or give it back, I have to give my good deeds or take his sins on the day of judgement. But what if I cheat/steal/damage the property of a non muslim and do'nt give it back? what will happen on the day of judgement ? As the non muslim has no hope for paradise and destined.. More

  • Severity of The Day of Judgment Is Exclusive To Disbelievers

    Will The Day Of Judgement Be Like 50,000 Years Only For Disbelievers Or For Both Believers And Disbelievers Because I Have Read A Hadith That "Reckoning Of The Judgement Day For The Believers Will Be Like The Time Between Zuhr And Asr .. More

  • Destiny of Muslim Sinners Who Die Without Committing Shirk

    Salam. In fatwa 393448 you said: "it should be mentioned that the Islamic sects who will enter Hellfire because of deviating from the guidance of the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) will ultimately enter Paradise even if they have entered Hellfire beforehand". Where does it say in the Sunna or any other book that.. More

  • Number of Hooris Men Will Get

    Asalam o Alaikum, Q1 ) I have heard that each man will get 343000 hoor al ayn in jannah. is this true ? Q2) I have heard that an inmate will get 500 hurs , 4000 unmarried and 8000 widow women ? Q3) 72 hoor for martyrs ? Q4) each man will receive 2 hoor minimum ? is this all true ? .. More

  • Levels of Paradise Exceed One Hundred

    Assalam aalekum sheikh how many levels are there in paradise there is Hadith in sahi bukhari(2790) Allah has reserved 100 levels for those who fight in his cause and there is Hadith in tirmidhi(2529) paradise has hundred levels between every two level is distance of 100 years and there is another Hadith in Jami at tirmidhi it will be said to the companion.. More

  • The Number of Hoor that the Lowest Man in Rank Will Get in Paradise

    Assalam aalekum there is Hadith in sahi Muslim(7147) and musnad Ahmed that men and women disputed that which of them form majority in paradise they asked Abu huraira and he said that prophet said that first group to enter paradise will look like moon when it is full second group will look like most brilliant planet in sky each of them will have two.. More