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  • Signing Terms and Conditions of Bank Card and Using it to Buy from the Internet Date: 6-2-2023

    Asalamo aleikoum.Im a muslim living in Spain. I want to own a bank card to buy things from the internet since it is needed to buy from the internet. Are there any debit cards which are halal that you advice me to have. There are debit cards which are apparently halal: so you buy with the money you have in your account but when you read the policy and.. More

  • Online Store Selling Products Not in Stock Date: 5-11-2020

    If I have an online store where I don't have the products in stock but when the customer orders a product, I send the customer's address to the supplier and they ship it from to the customer. I know this method is haram.But if I make a proper agreement with the supplier and ask them about the estimated date of delivery, and I mention that date of delivery.. More

  • Sending Wife's Niece College Upkeep Electronically is Permissible Date: 22-4-2020

    Assalamu alaykum, Is it wrong for a husband to send his wife's niece college upkeep electronically given that when the upkeep is given to his wife to send electronically to the niece she sends it a day to two late. .. More

  • Cases When Dropshipping Is Permissible Date: 26-6-2018

    Assalamu alakumI would like to enquire about selling products online. I would like to sell products that I have purchased and that are in stock and I would also like to add dropshipped products on my website. In fatwa number 321031 and 276988 part 4 it states that it is halal if it is performed as a salam contract and if the conditions for salam are.. More

  • Name of website does not affect ruling on buying from it Date: 1-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is haram? The reason I am asking is because it is named after the Amazon river, and the Amazon river is named after a pagan story. Does this mean that is haram? And if so, do I have to get rid of the stuff I bought from there? .. More

  • Promoting products of website that uses photos of immodest women and music Date: 20-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a website for promoting air treatment products and vacuum cleaner supplies. When visitors click on a product link, they are redirected to the merchant's website where people can buy the product. The products' pictures and descriptions on my website do not include haram content. I found that on the merchant's website, they added.. More

  • Placing ads on blog about Islam Date: 23-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I have made a blog about Islam in Hindi/Urdu which provides authentic Islamic content. Can I place ads on my blog through the Google AdSense program and use this money? Is it halal for me to use this money for personal use? .. More

  • Chat group owner may restrict nature of posts Date: 8-7-2015

    Salam aleikum sheikh. I have a question. One sister has create a internet sms group only for sisters where u can buy and sell things. Sometimes some sisters including myself make other coments there for example some sisters post there when there is a darz in mosque, when there is a islamic meeting for sisters, some sisters post diffrent things like.. More

  • Pay per click advertising Date: 27-4-2015

    asalam my question is about pay per clicks advertising in social media (facebook twitter ,reddit or other) and also google advertisement .Pay per clicks advertising means : after you set a daily budget or a lifetime budget to get your product (physical or digital) advertised ,you would pay the cost of pay per clicks in other words when people or customers.. More

  • Paying a fee to join a pyramid marketing scheme Date: 26-4-2015

    as salaamu alaykoem wrwbI read that you said about pyramid schemes that is not permissible to pay money to join them. But what can we say to people who say that you have to pay a little money for the costs they are making. Like costs for the webshop that they will give you? .. More

  • Ruling on participating in network marketing Date: 22-6-2014

    Alselam aleikom, Lately I have signed up in a company called WorldVentures. It's a VIP travel club and lifestyle club where you can even get a residual income from the company if you get more customers in it. Now, when somebody is signing up just for the product which are dream trips in very cheap prices and some other services as a search engine for.. More

  • Profiting from ads on a Quran-teaching website Date: 19-2-2014

    I have read the Arabic Fatwa on your website where you have said that the Hanafis and Hanabalis have said that taking payment on teaching the Quran is not allowed and I agree with this view. Please keep this in mind when answering the following questions. My question is that if I make a website where I teach the Quran and Hadith and then place permitted.. More

  • Using an Islamic website for advertising lawful goods Date: 16-6-2012

    Asalaamu Alaykum, JazakAllah Khairyn for the work you are doing through your website. My question is: To what extent is it permissible to make money (profit) from Islamic things? For example, if one has a service on a website where Muslims (and anyone) can put their email address and sign up for free to receive ahadith and other Islamic literature.. More

  • Creating a Twitter-like commercial website Date: 12-10-2009

    Can I create a commercial site similar to Twitter to allow chat, sharing of news, tips, restricted videos, photos, etc among a restricted class of users? .. More

  • Advertizing property whose selling might contain interest Date: 28-11-2007

    Salamu Alaikum.I'm about to create a website which will promote houses/property for sale on the internett.The advertisers will be property agencies which will advertise their portefolio of properties for sale on my website.Knowing that some of the users from my website may take up loan/ribaa to aquire the promoted houses/property on my website,And addition.. More