365 fatwas

  • No harm in apostate touching Muslim parents when burying them Date: 20-2-2015

    Should an ex-muslim be banned to touch his parents body at burial .. More

  • Ruling on finding a person's voice funny when reading the Quran Date: 27-1-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum. Sometimes a person's voice may sound strange because some gas comes through his throat while he is speaking, or because there is a lot of saliva in his mouth or something similar, and some people find that funny. But what is the ruling if this happens while the person is doing dhikr or reciting the Qur'an, and the people still find.. More

  • A Muslim does not leave Islam just by visiting non-Muslim places of worship Date: 6-1-2015

    Asallam u alaikum, In answer to the question about a teacher who went to the sikh gurdwara on an educational I need some more information please. There were muslim children on the trip and I work with one disabled 4 year old muslim child as I am the childs' helper. I told her afterwards that we don't do this we worship Allah and we are muslim. Do I.. More

  • Declaring a state to be unbelieving is even worse than declaring an individual to be so Date: 26-11-2014

    Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarkatahu sheikh i read that certain shuyookh did takfeer on the Ottoman Caliphate examples: 1.Abd ar Rahmaan ibn ‘Abd al Lateef ibn ‘Abdillah ibn ‘Abd al Lateef Aal ash-Shaykh 2.shaykh Sulaymaan ibn Sahmaan 3.Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abd al Lateef 4.Shaykh Sulaymaan ibn ‘Abdillaah ibn ash Shaykh 5.'Imam' Sa’oed.. More

  • The username 'Zane4ever' does not imply Kufr or Shirk Date: 20-10-2014

    Hi im so worried a few years ago when i wasnt practicing and i was around 13 14 i made an xbox game account for my cousin i called it. Zane4eva zane is his name but since i. Put forever im i doing kufr or shirk im tryimg to pray and do well have i done shirk i know only allah is everlasting and we all will die have i sinned i costs money to change the.. More

  • A Muslim must abide by Sharee‘ah in any place or time Date: 29-9-2014

    Hello sir i heard that in islam a hadees says one must follow the law of land. Can you explain me this hadees ? My land law currently permits me to drink alcohol .. so can i do it ? or i must not do it as it contradicts islam ? What if a law of land contradicts islam like for ex : A divorce proceeding according to islam is very different from a divorce.. More

  • Insanity does not take a Muslim out of the fold of Islam Date: 23-9-2014


  • Saying to someone 'none can harm you' is not disbelief Date: 24-8-2014

    Is it shirk or an act of kufr to say to someone "No-one can touch you"? .. More

  • Leaving something on which the Name of Allaah is written in a dirty place Date: 17-8-2014

    salam alaykum.pls,sheikh I want clarification about a dispute between students of knowledge about a person who saw a paper which is written upon it Abdullah in filthy place and did not remove it instead he went ahead with his activities. one student said that that person has committed kufr while the other said that it is not. pls give me precise and.. More

  • Neighbors accuse her of being an unbeliever Date: 29-7-2014

    Salam aleikum, What is a Muslim supposed to do if he/she is called a 'Christian' or an 'infidel' by neighbors without any reason except discrimination? Going to the judge would involve too much money and time and he would probably not do anything anyway. There are no 'wise' men to intervene. Talking to the neighbors has proven useless. Please advise. .. More

  • Ruling on those who deem lawful what is unlawful Date: 11-7-2014

    Asalam o Akaikum!!! When people say that something is not a sin(but that thing is a sin whether major or minor).they say such on lack of knowledge or due to wrong traditions of daily life, or knowing that it is a sin but they just say its not a sin and start giving different statements to justify themselves.what's ruling on these people who don't say.. More

  • Saying words that imply disbelief jokingly Date: 23-6-2014

    assalamualikum i want to know if this is a sin. i asked one of my colleagues that if they could cover my hours and they said no because they have to attend church and then I said to them ok if you dont go (church) youll be sinning, i dont beleive this in my heart. i then i asked her if their freind can cover my hours and she said maybe, then i asked.. More

  • The 'opponent of Allaah' in this Qudsi Hadeeth is not a non-believer Date: 23-6-2014

    Assalammualaikum the Prophet said: "Allaah said: 'I will be the opponent of three persons on the Day of Judgment: a man (i.e. a person) who gave a pledge in My Name and then acted treacherously, a man who sold a free person (as a slave) and consumed his price and a man who hired a laborer and got the full work done by him and did not pay him his wages.’”.. More

  • Seeking the help of non-Muslim organizations that help the anti-Islamic groups Date: 10-6-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, What is the ruling on asking human rights organisations for help in a legal case in a non-Muslim country in cases of necessity, when these organisations also help people who say offensive and insulting things about Islam because they believe in freedom of speech? Jazaak Allahu khair .. More

  • Fancying some parts of Islam more than others Date: 21-5-2014

    Is believing not in dreams kufr and saying that they doesn't come true. And when we say that we like certain Islamic thing more than that thing is it kufr.For example one says that he doesn't like much the tales of Islam but likes laws of Islam( just showing his own interest but not disliking opposing or not believing in the other one just ones own.. More