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  • Wronging Others Does Not Invalidate Fasting Date: 11-5-2020

    Is it true that if you do not seek the forgiveness of others Before the month of Ramadan, then all fasting, dua, and prayers won't get accepted or you yourself won't be forgiven both after, during and before Ramadan? What about if there has been incidents many years ago, do you have to contact them to seek their forgiveness? Is it a sin to bring back.. More

  • Want to Have a Child After their Son Became Old Date: 6-5-2020

    Is it possible that in a house if parents are having 4 children already.... and the elder one is about 20 years almost ready for marriage and at that point parents decide to have another child? .. More

  • Marrying a Woman Whilst She observes Her ‘Iddah Date: 5-5-2020

    I have read that if anyone marry a women during her iddah, she is prohibited for the man permanently for the man according to maliki madhab. Please answer me what is the position of hanbali school in this regards? Please answer me as soon as you can. .. More

  • How to Deal with an Oppressive Father Date: 5-5-2020

    How to deal with tyrant dad, who don't listen to us what ever he says we have to hear and obey him. But if it go against Quran and sunnah,what should I do not listen anyone.then he will oppress us for not listening him. Whom should I ask for help. .. More

  • Mouse Urine Contaminated Mus-haf Date: 5-5-2020

    Asalam u alaikum I want to ask about an unfortunate incidents happened in my home. We were trying to deal with mouses in our home from long time. Many were killed in the traps we placed. But one of thr mouse went into drawer besides her bed where my mom places her "Famous surahs of Quran" to read. This mouse peed on" Punjh(5) Surahs " one night. We.. More

  • No Place to Live and Is Obliged to Pay Riba If He Rents Date: 5-5-2020

    Selam aleikom I acumulated some debts during my time as student due to illness. This was 5 years ago. This debts are recorded in a national register and stay there for 20 years. Because of this Certificates of unpaid debts I can not find a rental property. There are two ways how I can pay this debts. 1. I open the case again and I can pay the debt.. More

  • Time to Recite Transitional Takbeer During Prayer Date: 5-5-2020

    What should I do if I accidentally say or begin to say, during the salaah, the takbeer for movement while I am still in the current position, then either finish it in that position or finish it in the next position? Do I do sujud as sahu before the tasleem? The problem is that I did not say the thikr, or completely say it, in the correct position, that.. More

  • Inheritance of One Son and Three Daughters Date: 4-5-2020

    Assalaamu ?Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information -Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A son) Number 1 -Does the deceased have female relatives who are entitled to inherit : (A daughter) Number 3 .. More

  • Ahadeeth by Al-Bukhaari About Ablution Date: 4-5-2020

    Assalamualaikum: I was wondering what number this hadith is from al-Bukhari: "…Then he put his hands (in the container of water) and pulled out water and rinsed his mouth and sniffed up water into his nostrils from the same handful of water, and he did this three times." [Muslim and Abu Daawood] Al-Bukhari. .. More

  • A Woman Is Not Allowed to Call the Athaan or the Iqaamah Date: 4-5-2020

    If a husband and wife only or a mother and her son only prays obligatory salat at home in congregation,provided that the man or the son cannot attend the masjid since it is closed by government due to corona virus pandemic then should the husband or the son should give iqamah who are the imams or should the follower of imam in this case the mother or.. More

  • Mother Commands Him to Use His Car While Expenses Are High Date: 4-5-2020

    I want to stop using my car, but my mother wants me to carry on using it so that I can help her out with things. The problem is that my savings aren't huge and road tax and insurance will cost me over £1000, and on top of that I will have to pay for fuel, servicing, MOT, and for the car to be towed if it breaks down. What do you advise? Could I ask.. More

  • Selling Bricks for Someone Who May Do Something Forbidden in the House Date: 3-5-2020

    Asalaam Aleikum I would like to be adviced about manufacturing bricks for building who can i sell to and who am i not allowed to sell to ? If a person does something haraam in the house they built using the bricks they bought from me am i accountable for their sins ? Me being the supplier of the building material. .. More