Wants to learn Qur'an and prayers
Fatwa No: 83985


I just became Muslim and I have a fiance in Jordan and because we are so many miles apart, he always wants to break up! I am faithful. I praise Allah, but do not know the prayers yet as I do not have the Qur'an. It's impossible to get one where I live as there are no Muslims here! I have never met Nasr personally but have seen him only on the Net through cam. I want to learn all of the Qur'an and be a good Muslim as I plan to travel to Jordan of the end of year to marry him.


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

We praise Allah for His blessings upon you that He guided you to this great religion. We ask Allah to grant you success both in this Life and the life of Hereafter.
You should take care of prayers since they are among the most important basics of Islam. They are actually a distinguishing feature between Muslims and others and at the same time prayer is the basis for communication between a person and His Lord.
To know the rulings of prayer please visit the following site:
What a good wish you have to learn the Qur'an and its recitation! Know that Allah made the Qur'an easy to memorize. Thus, there are thousands of Muslims who memorize the whole Qur'an even though they do not have the knowledge of Arabic language. You may start learning it through the translation of the Qur'an; very soon you may find the complete translation of the Qur'an on our site; till that time you may visit the following sites:
http://islamicity.com/mosque/quran/ and http://alquran.itb.ac.id
Allah knows best.

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