845 fatwas

  • Islamic universities in KSA Date: 14-5-2003

    Which one do you think is better for Islamic/Hadith studies, Islamic University Madinah or Imam University Riyadh? I heard Riyadh is better for studies in the sense that there are more scholars there. I would appreciate your opinion in this regard. Plus I plan to go to Saudi this summer; can you go and apply there any time of the year?.. More

  • Husband objects to her reading Sahih Bukhari and Muslim Date: 13-5-2003

    I would like to read the books written by Bukhari and Muslim. However my husband says in order to fully appreciate them one must have a deeper understanding of Islam. I don't know how I'm supposed to reach this deeper understanding. I pray and recite the Qur'an often. But I wish to read these text to increase my knowledge, however so far I have been.. More

  • How to Gain Knowledge of Islam Date: 4-5-2003

    I am a young brother living in Australia. Unfortunately, we do not have enough scholars or learned people here. I am very eager to study Shariah. I am in the process of applying to the Islamic University of Medinah. At the moment I am also studying under the guidance of a local Sheikh who has qualified from the Islamic University of Medinah. I am reading.. More

  • Wants to learn Islam and move on Date: 2-4-2003

    I am married with 5 children; one is married off; but i want to leave everything behind, go reaserch and learn Islam, that is leave this duniya behind. Please inform me of this... More

  • Fulfilling a vow Date: 1-4-2003

    I made a Niyath ( intention) that if I get a beneficial thing (job matter only), I will do some beneficial things for Islam. Now I received that expected thing. The question is that whether I have to do my Niyath or is it prohibited to do that Niyath in Islam, and, if so, what shall I do?.. More

  • Wants to Fulfill Promise Made to Allah Date: 31-3-2003

    I have made a strong intention to give away my first month's salary to Masjid or Madrassa if I get a job. Al-Hamdulillah, I got a job and due to some reason I couldn't fulfill the promise I made. Mean while I got an increment in my salary, Al-Hamdulillah. So please advice me which salary I have to give, the old salary or the new salary which I m getting.. More

  • Authorship of "Interpretation of Dreams" Date: 29-3-2003

    I want to know whether Ibn Seereen has written the book Interpretation of dreams? Is this book authentic?.. More

  • Remembering to say 'Insha-Allah' Date: 29-3-2003

    When can we to say 'Insha-Allah'? If any one forgets to say 'Insha-Allah' can he say it when he remembers even if it is after 1 day, 1 month or 1 year?.. More

  • A dream that came true Date: 19-2-2003

    Two years ago, my dad's friend came to America and stayed with us for a week. A month after he left, I saw him in my dream. I had two dreams about him. First dream, I saw him in the hospital, passed away. Second dream, a few weeks later, I saw him dead in his bedroom, on his bed with a gun next to him. About a month later, we heard from family in Pakistan.. More

  • Best university for study of Da'wah Date: 4-2-2003

    What is the Best Islamic University to Study in Da'wah in all the World. because I'm interested learning the Da'wah and Will Give Da'wah in the Future?.. More

  • Had a wet dream about 2 men having sex Date: 3-2-2003

    I had a wet dream recently.The strange thing about it is I was not in the dream and the characters were two men having sex.I was like somebody watching the scene and I ejaculated.Why is this?I don't want to be a homosexual.Please help me and give me some good advice... More

  • Hadith about eating alone Date: 2-2-2003

    I understand that Rasulullah (SAW) always had company to enjoy his food or meal while Nabi Ibrahim (SA) would not eat until he found company to eat together with him. What is the ruling if one has no choice but to eat or breakfast in the house without any company. What does the Hadith say about this situation where a person is living alone in the house?.. More

  • Limiting One's Respect for Other Scholars Date: 27-1-2003

    What do you say about a person who follows only one or two scholars and adopt their opinions leaving others? .. More

  • Husband has close friends stay in his home for one week Date: 18-1-2003

    What is your opinion of my husband, as a good Muslim imposes on me to have his very close friends, to come and sleep in our house for a week for example? I remembered from my parents it is haram? and I got him mad. Please as a Muslim sister, what would you advise me to tell him? .. More

  • Answering the phone Date: 31-12-2002

    As slamou alaikoumWhat is the Sharia ruling to say "Allo" on the phone?.. More