845 fatwas

  • Broken promise to Allah Date: 5-5-2002

    I have made a promise to Allah if something happens in my life. But now I feel I can not fulfill my promise to Allah. Is there a penance for this?.. More

  • Shaking hands with husband's father Date: 4-5-2002

    Can a female shake hands with her father in-law (her husband's father) when she greets him?.. More

  • Shaking hands with non-Mahrams Date: 20-4-2002

    Recently I visited a Fatawa website. In response to a question the mufti stated it is permissible to shake hands with non-Mahrems, if it is done without desire. I have never read anything in the Hadith that state such. Can you please throw light on this matter?.. More

  • Saying "Allah Hafiz" Date: 9-4-2002

    Is saying "Allah Hafiz" allowed when we are leaving? In Pakistan, it is very common practice, and if some one says al-Salamu Alaikum when we are leaving, it is considered awkward. So I want to know if it is allowed to say "Allah Hafiz" instead of al-Salamu Alaikum?.. More

  • Punishments for disobedience/disrespect to teachers Date: 5-3-2002

    Please could you tell me- what are the punishments for disobeying/ disrespecting your teachers?.. More

  • Breaking one's oath not to do something Halal Date: 23-1-2002

    When I am angry, if I swore not to do something that is halal, is it haram to do it after this oath? .. More

  • Telling Bad Dreams Date: 20-1-2002

    Is it true that we are not suppose to tell anyone about a bad dream that we have because it might happen for real? .. More

  • Fulfilling a vow Date: 15-1-2002

    When my brother was ill, I prayed for his recovery and "promised" to fast two months if he did so. After two months he did. However, I am a diabetic with a heart problem and I receive insulin twice a day. So I have not fasted since his recovery. What can I do?.. More

  • Unconscious oath Date: 15-1-2002

    What is the required recompense for a Muslim when he violates (the type of swearing is when one swears by Allah about something has full awareness that what he is swearing by is true. What is the required recompense for a Muslim who violates this type of oath?.. More

  • Swearing an unintentional oath Date: 15-12-2001

    Once I said" Wallah" (By Allah) this house belongs to my friend and actually it was my uncle's house. I told so knowing that it is my uncle's house. But the word "Wallah" came out by mistake then I asked forgiveness of Allah. Now what should I do? Do I have to fast 3 days or not.?.. More

  • Husband talks on phone with women in language she does not understand Date: 15-12-2001

    I'm a 20 year-old Swedish revert to Islam and I married 6 months ago. My husband is from Somalia and takes care of a lot of things in the little ummah in our town. He has Qur'an classes, works in the mosque and such things. Often different woman call our house to speak to my husband. They are also from Somalia and some times they can speak for like.. More

  • Shaking hands and placing it on their chest Date: 12-12-2001

    After hand shaking, somebody put their hand toward their chest and some people don't do this. Please kindly tell me which action is correct according to Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More

  • Interpretation of dreams Date: 26-9-2001

    Would it be possible for you to give Taabir of my dream. Or you know some person who can do that? Please give me the contact... More

  • Being over weight Date: 16-9-2001

    What does Islam say about being over weight?.. More

  • Muslim eating or drinking while standing Date: 13-9-2001

    What is the ruling on a Muslim drinking/eating while standing? Is it Makrooh, Haram or what?.. More