157 fatwas

  • The beard in Islam Date: 1-2-2001

    I am a Muslim, 27 years old, and I live in an Islamic country, U.A.E. (Dubai). I work for a multinational in the sales team. I've been working in this company for the last six years. Recently I have discovered the importance of Islam for the good of my life in this world and hereafter. So now I am trying to follow Islam the way it is supposed to be,.. More

  • Female Circumcision Date: 19-7-2000

    Some scholars say that female circumcision is Waajib, some say it is "likable". Are there also any who consider it as Haram? Others say that only some types are allowed. Please give me a detailed answer about the following types of circumcision whether it is Haram, Halal, Waajib, preferred or others: 1. Infibulation (cutting of the clitoris and all.. More

  • Circumcision for a new Muslim Date: 28-6-2000

    Is it necessary for a new Muslim to get circumcised? It is an expensive procedure in my country, and one man I know was seriously injured when he got "the chop"... More

  • Shaving the beard for job interview Date: 10-4-2000

    Soon I'll go for a job interview. Here in Australia employers prefer interviewees to be clean shaven, ie., well presented. Beards have a negative impact as apparent by statistics shown here. I have a beard. Is it possible for me to shave it off for the interview then grow it back again?.. More

  • Female Circumcision Date: 12-1-2000

    What is Islamic ruling for female circumcision? I heard that some countries like Egypt already banned this ritual. In my home country it is still considered wajib for both male and female. And the authorised party explained that it was taken from Shafie school. Is it right? Here in Japan, a few Japanese Muslims ask me if they must go for a circumcision... More

  • Shaving part of the head Date: 25-10-1999

    In the hadith of Rasool Allah, s'Allahu alayhe wa salam, (Sahih Muslim) he stated that we should not shave part of the hair and leave the other part. (Sorry for the loose translation.) I have always trimmed my son's hair longer on the top and shorter on the sides. Does the hadith mean different levels or actually shave (no hair)? Please clarify.. More

  • Pilot wearing beard Date: 24-8-1999