157 fatwas

  • The commandment to let the beard grow denotes obligation Date: 20-1-2014

    In the Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful. The evidence of the obligation of letting the beard to grow is the following Hadeeth: Ibn ‘Umar  may  Allaah  be  pleased  with  him reported that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said, “Do the opposite of what the polytheists do; spare the beards and shave the moustaches.”.. More

  • Looking at the baby's private parts at the time of circumcision Date: 15-1-2014

    Is it permissible to disclose the circumcision of a new born to people? .. More

  • Catching Takbeerat-ul-Ihraam with Imaam has priority over using Siwaak Date: 6-11-2013

    Suppose Congregational salat starts and i need ablution. At this moment whether i go for ablution without meswak or not( As i know meswak is sunnah and sawab of that salat is 70 times more than the salat of without meswak)? if i go for meswak there is a chance for missing one rakah or takber e ulah. When Ikamah starts and i was not reached mosque yet,.. More

  • Plucking the hair that grows on a facial mole Date: 22-8-2013

    Assalamo alikum All praise be to ALLAH brother i have a mole on my face.Am i allowed to pluck its hair or does hair on mole come under facial hair and beard which ofcourse muslims are not allowed to cut.actually it looks kind of ugly with hair on mole and prophet(SAW) said "ALLAH is beautiful and he loves beauty".hence i am not sure whether i should.. More

  • Trimming the mustache and wearing a full beard Date: 15-5-2013

    How should the Muslim trim his mustache? Is it permissible to shorten the beard? If this is permissible, what is the limit of this? .. More

  • Shaving the beard and meeting Allaah with a sound heart Date: 8-4-2013

    A beardless Imaam of a Masjid here in Algeria was asked "How will you meet Allaah without a beard?" and he answered: "I will meet him with a sound heart." Then he quoted the verse in which Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {But only one who comes to Allaah with a sound heart.} [Quran 29: 89] As such, he allows shaving the beard. What is the Sharee‘ah.. More

  • A female physician may circumcise a boy under seven Date: 7-4-2013

    Is a female physician permitted to circumcise boys? .. More

  • Shaving the beard of the insane – a Sharee‘ah viewpoint Date: 4-4-2013

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on shaving the beard of the insane? Please advise. May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • A widow shaves her pubic hair during the ‘Iddah Date: 4-4-2013

    Is a widow permitted to shave her pubic hair during the ‘Iddah (post-marriage waiting period)? .. More

  • Siwaak is also used with false teeth Date: 4-4-2013

    Will a man who has false teeth be rewarded for using the Siwaak? .. More

  • Follow the guidance of the Prophet regarding the beard and the clothes Date: 18-3-2012

    Salamalaikum,I am a muslim who works in a company that does halal business but unfortunately and regrettably I don't keep beards and I do isbaal which I plan to avoid later in the future insha Allah. Is it permissible to consider my job haram because I don't know if the company I work for would agree to keep me as a staff when I begin practising the.. More

  • Ruling on a child born circumcised Date: 13-2-2012

    I was not circumcised by a doctor, and my family told me that I was circumcised by angels, is it permissible for me to undergo circumcision again by a doctor? Thank you. .. More

  • Ruling on leaving some pubic hair unshaved as adornment for the husband Date: 13-2-2012

    What is the Islamic ruling on a wife who shaves her pubic hair but leaves some of it unshaved and has a tattoo above it for the sake of beautifying herself for her husband?.. More

  • It is impermissible for a barber to shave beards Date: 13-2-2012

    What is the ruling on the owner of a barber shop who shaves men's beards while he dislikes doing so; for he is not entitled to prohibit others from shaving their beards, and this is the only profession he knows? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Using laser and plastibell methods for male circumcision Date: 13-7-2011

    Assalamu aleykum wa rahmutullahi wa barakatuhu, Im a bit confused since i thought there was only one method of circumcising. But then upon searching i found there is different methods availible. So i was wondering which kind of methods that is allowed for the boys circumcision? Is all kinds availible allowed? For example it can be done with laser.. More