157 fatwas

  • Wants to wear his hair long Date: 23-2-2005

    I want know about long hair for man is it Haraam or not by the way I didn't cut my hair 3 years ago. .. More

  • Circumcising a 14 year-old non-Muslim boy Date: 26-12-2004

    I am a Christian lady widow who wishes to become part of Islam, I have a 14-years-old boy who does not yet seek the way of Islam with me. He is not circumcised, would it be good in the eyes of Allaah to have him circumcised as my part of my faith in joining Islam. .. More

  • Removing the hair by laser from a woman's Awrah Date: 26-12-2004

    A woman has problems with the hair in an area of her body that is Awrah. Is it permitted for her to get this hair removed by laser? .. More

  • Age for circumcising male children Date: 8-12-2004

    Please when is the best time [age] to carry circumcision on male children, Islamicly and medically? .. More

  • Women using Miswaak Date: 18-11-2004

    Can a woman to use the 'Miswaak'? Please advice, with Hadeeth, if possible. .. More

  • Naming a child and performing circumcision only on 10th of Muharram Date: 18-11-2004

    I have two questions. 1) What are the rulings for naming a child? 2) My in-laws follow this custom, that once a boy is born the circumcision is done only on 10th Muharram. What are the rulings for this? They say once someone tried to go against it and the life of the child was at sake. .. More

  • When to cut the baby's nails Date: 3-11-2004

    Can we cut the baby's nails when the mother is still in confinement period? .. More

  • Wearing the beard and raising the hands in prayer Date: 9-9-2004

    May Allaah bless you all, Ameen. My question is, how many Hadeeth are there regarding beard, I mean how many Sahaabah, may Allaah be pleased with them, reported about it? And how many Sahaabah about the Rafagh' al-yadayn in the Salat? Please answer me along with the evidence, I mean exact Hadeeth numbers. Hope you answer my question as soon as.. More

  • Shaving beard or getting fired and cleaning the private parts Date: 13-7-2004

    1. I am an x-ray technician and I do not want to shave my beard. However, the ministry of health in my country doesn't allow me to do that (to grow my beard long). Do I have to leave any job that deprives me from my religious rights oris there any permissibility to shave the beard under such pressure? 2. Is it possible to use tissue or paper.. More

  • Wife's permission for a man to wear a beard Date: 7-7-2004

    Does a man need to ask his wife's permission to let his beard grow? Or, rather if a woman dislikes her husband's beard saying that it makes the man seem older or some other reasons, does the man have to listen to her?.. More

  • Imam Shafee and trimming the beard Date: 14-6-2004

    Is it true that Imam Shafiee allowed the trimming of the beard more than one hand fist?.. More

  • Circumcision by Muslim doctors Date: 23-5-2004

    Is it compulsory that circumcision for Muslims be done by Muslim doctors if they are available?.. More

  • Son cannot be circumcised Date: 11-5-2004

    I have a son he was born with Down syndrome. He is 4 years now, but he hasn’t been circumcised and his penis is too small for that. Kindly give me an advise what I have to do... More

  • Trimming the beard Date: 10-5-2004

    I've been growing a full beard according to the Sunnah (length of a fist) of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) for the last 3 years. The reward is amazing. People identified me as a Muslim right away and greet with ‘Salaam.’ My wife and I just don't understand how some of these so called " Big Sheikh" have a really nice trimmed beard.. More

  • Shaving the neck area and below the chin and jaw line Date: 24-4-2004

    I know you cannot shave the beard, but what about the neck area, below the chin and jaw line? .. More