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  • Cutting beard shorter than fist's length Date: 1-2-2006

    I have read all your Fataawa on the length of beard. My question is: Is it a 'sin', cutting beard short of one fist length or is it recommended and you get reward if you do so but no punishment if you don't? I know of many well-known and God-fearing scholars who have shorter beards. What is 'their' justification, if any, for doing so? Please give.. More

  • Husband wants his wife to undergo circumcision Date: 31-1-2006

    If a husband wants his wife to have a circumcision does she have to obey him? Or does she have the right to refuse because it should be her choice to decide what she does to her body? .. More

  • Questions about the beard Date: 22-12-2005

    I would like to know whether the trimming or completely shaving of beard is allowed or no. I have read in one of your Fatwaas that it is Haraam to shave the beard. But I have seen many Egyptian Ulamah and Qaaris without beard or some having small beards like French, etc. Is the keeping of French beard allowed in Islam? I want to know why many.. More

  • Ruling on shaving pubic hair Date: 21-12-2005

    I have heard different things about shaving one's pubic hair. I have heard that it is optional and also heard that you have to. What is correct? .. More

  • Female circumcision Date: 14-11-2005

    I heard a Saudi Shaykh say on Iqra' TV that the Hadeeth concerning female circumcision are all weak or fabricated. This is contrary to what I know and what I have read about the issue. I know that there is a Hadeeth where the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said that female circumcision is an honor for the woman. I just need.. More

  • Length of the Prophet's, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, beard Date: 20-10-2005

    You said in one of your Fatwa that the beard of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, was until his chest, and there are Hadeeth of the Sahaaba that they used to trim their beards that exceeded more than a fist's length? Why didn't the Sahaaba too imitate the Prophet, by letting their beards grow until their chests? Please do reply... More

  • Ibn Umar's shortening his beard Date: 6-10-2005

    My question (No. 277806) was about the authenticity of the following Hadeeth: "Abdullah Ibn Umar, may Allaah be pleased with him, used to cut that portion (which exceeds the grip of the hand) of beard." [Tirmithi] But, your reply referring to Fatwa No. 84474 is not the answer to my question. I wish to know if this particular Hadeeth.. More

  • Shaving pubic hair does not need parents' permission Date: 28-9-2005

    My parents never told me about shaving pubic hair. If I do it without telling them, is that a sin? .. More

  • Plucking out the white hair of the beard Date: 11-9-2005

    Can a Muslim pluck out the white hair of his beard? Please do reply... More

  • An atheist questions the legality of circumcision Date: 6-9-2005

    I'm an atheist and my wife is a Muslim. She wants me to have a circumcision in order to please here. My point is why should I? Why should I alter the body GOD gave me? It says that tattoos and other bodily markings are forbidden in the holy book. In addition I've heard men state that once cut they have erectile problems. Please advise... More

  • Authenticity of Hadeeth pertaining to the beard Date: 31-8-2005

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I am asking you this very same question; so, please do reply for the sake of Allaah. I wish to know the authenticity (Saheeh, Weak, Very Weak, Fabricated, ..) of the Hadeeth, which says that: Ibn 'Umar used to cut his beard when he went on Hajj or 'Umrah. I hope you reply this time, because it seems to be contradicting.. More

  • Hadeeth regarding the beard Date: 22-8-2005

    Please advice about the status (fabricated, weak, Saheeh...) of the below-mentioned Hadeeth, as I have heard in one of the lectures that this Hadeeth is very weak according to the group of Muhaddiseen, and that the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Sahaabaas never cut their beard. The Prophet ordered to forgive the beard (Afu al-lahya),.. More

  • Praying with long pubic hair Date: 5-6-2005

    Is a person's prayer acceptable if his pubic hair is long? .. More

  • His wife cannot bear his having a beard Date: 20-4-2005

    I just got married last summer, Al-hamdulillaah. The girl I got married to is asking me to shave my beard! She says that she hates beards the most. I told her that I cannot shave my beard because that would make Allaah angry with me. However, she says that it bothers her a lot and she cannot stand it at all. Some times, she says, she feels that.. More

  • Removing facial hair from a man's upper and middle cheeks Date: 22-3-2005

    My husband has not yet grown a beard, but is considering it. Insha' Allaah! I would like to ask about removing hairs from the face that are not part of the beard like hair that grows on the upper parts of the cheeks. My husband is self-conscious of the hair on his upper and mid-cheeks and removes it with tweezers every few weeks or so. Please.. More