219 fatwas

  • The punishment of Allaah for abandoning the prayer Date: 10-11-2007

    I was unwillingly performing my prayers and I was not regular in praying until I saw the bald-headed poisonous snake in my dream. It did not cause me any harm. From that moment on, I started performing my prayers regularly. What is the interpretation of this dream? .. More

  • The first prayer performed in Islam Date: 21-10-2007

    which was the first namaz performed by Mohammed (May peace be upon him) from fazr, dhor, asar,magrib & iasha? Why was Mohammed (May peace be upon him) was given nabuwat at the age of fourty as comapred to other prophets?.. More

  • Making up prayers missed for many years Date: 29-4-2007

    Assalamu Olaikum. About making up previous years prayer in our subcontinent, we have a prayer called "Umri Qaza". Question : I am in my twenties and am now trying to pray all my namaaz. Can you please tell me if there is a way for me to complete my previous years qaza namaaz? In the following website they replied : http://www.noorulislambolton.com/viewQuest.. More

  • Neglects her prayers and imagines the presence of a jinn with her Date: 28-3-2007

    peace be upon you may allah bless you and protect you and reward you with good incha llah my problem i that i'm not regullar in my prayer and sometimes i just pray without any consontration like i used to do .sometimes i keep thinking about this and i feel that allah gonn aharm in a great way as i do this .allah gave me anything i want alehamedo li.. More

  • Making up prayers abandoned for 15 years Date: 26-2-2007

    I am 25 year old muslim following Shafee Madh'hab. I have a very big problem. I have missed my salat until the age of 25 from the age of my puberty (10 yrs). Now I have 15 years of Qadha prayers to make up. I don't know where to start. I've planned to pray 1 missed salat with every fardh salat. My question is, how do you make the intention for the.. More

  • Wants to attend a learning course but is afraid to miss the Maghrib prayer Date: 11-9-2006

    Al salam alaikum- I have a hard-of-hearing daughter who will be going into the 1st grade soon. She will be communicating primarily in sign language. My mother has signed up for a course to learn sign language and has invited me to sign up as well. I would really like to attend, as I feel that it could be very beneficial to my daughter, myself and my.. More

  • Can not pray at her grandmother's house Date: 7-9-2006

    As-salaamu alaykum A sister that I know can't pray at her grandmothers house and that's where she lives what's the best thing she can do so can maintane to be a good muslimah but is not able to make salat where she lives can you tell me insha-allah a.s.a.p.. More

  • The 'Asr is the middle prayer and the lunar month starts at night Date: 1-8-2006

    Assalamu alaikum.Thank you for Fatwa Number 91849, which was answer to question number 2102859.You say month starts at night.That means date also changes at night?Then Magrib becomes first prayer of the month?But then middle prayer will be Fajr and not Asr as said by Allah in 2:238? Hope you will clarify. Was Salaam... More

  • Misses prayers and cannot control herself Date: 3-4-2006

    I really don't know how to start, I have problem that I miss my daily Salat. I have problem with controlling my Nafs. I have been divorce for two years now. I'm student at the moment. I'm having this problem for quite long time. I do not watch porno movies neither I watch porno on website. I wear Hijaab and I don't go out or have friends who are talk.. More

  • The prayers of Al-Bardayn Date: 2-4-2006

    What are the prayers of Al-Bardayn?.. More

  • A Muslim died abandoning prayer Date: 21-3-2006

    What if a Muslim die and he was not praying in that period?.. More

  • Doesn't attend the regular and Friday prayers due to his class Date: 8-2-2006

    I am doing my studies where there is mosque some 5 km away and the college is not aware about Islam and they don't let us to go for prayers, even Friday prayers are not attended what should I do, and how many Rak'ahs should I offer Thuhr in Friday, please guide me. .. More

  • Praying on time is the best way to fulfil one's duties Date: 30-1-2006

    I have problem that whenever I go to pray I feel I am not concentrating in my Salat also I feel that I am far from Allaah, I live in America but I am wearing Hijaab and this make me feeling worse and blaming myself most of the times (Why I am feeling far from practicing Islam the right way at the same time nobody forcing me to wear Hijaab in country.. More

  • Delaying the prayer or giving it up is forbidden Date: 22-12-2005

    My question is: I want to know which one of the following is worse, praying but not praying on time that means you join the praying in the evening for no reason. Or not praying at all? And when you answer Inshaa Allaah I would like to know where you found this information. .. More

  • Performing prayers while persisting in committing some sins Date: 18-12-2005

    Some people can not perform prayers because Satan incites them. One says to himself 'I have bad things while performing prayers'. What is the solution?.. More