219 fatwas

  • When was the prayer made compulsory? Date: 14-12-2005

    When (Salat) prayer made compulsory? .. More

  • His older brothers neglect prayer and are influencing their younger brothers Date: 28-11-2005

    I have bigger brothers and they do the Haraam. They don't pray the Fajr or do any of their Salat by heart which affects the younger kids and so they start doing bad stuff like shout at me and generally rude behaviour. Also they start not to pray as much or becoming lazy. What do I do?.. More

  • Does not pray because he takes bribery Date: 13-9-2005

    In fact I am Government sector employee where salaries are not sufficient for life survives. So, no other way to get on except bribe (Rishwath).To avoid to take that bribe I went Gulf for employment, but I have not success in that also. But I performed prayer when I was at Gulf due to as I got Halaal income. Now I am not performing prayer.. More

  • Thinks he is excused from prayer Date: 11-9-2005

    I read the quote below from a website and I'd like to know if I have a valid excuse to not pray. I have never, as I remember, completely read and understood the Quran in my language (English). I have other issues in my life as well, but would this be a good enough reason to miss Salat? "We are informed that one will be punished.. More

  • He never prays Fajr on time Date: 8-9-2005

    A person who prays four times in Masjid but never wakes up for Fajr and prays his Fajr prayer at Thuhr time daily. What is the Hukm on this kind of person and how can I advice him since he lives with me?.. More

  • Prays at work, but with difficulty Date: 1-6-2005

    I try my best to make sure I always do my Salaat at work, but, there's no designated place for prayers. Sometimes I pray in the conference room when it's not occupied, however, sometimes it's occupied by employees. So I try to find any suitable place like next to my manager's office. But, people will be passing by or trying to get to the office.. More

  • When to pray missed Fajr prayer Date: 26-5-2005

    I wanted to know that if for some reason you sleep through Fajr and then wake up in the morning, do you have to make up Fajr straight away or can you wait till Thuhr time and I heard that if you pray Fajr after Thuhr then you don't pray 2 Raka'h Sunnah. I'm unsure on this matter. .. More

  • What to say if you are told that you don't pray Date: 24-5-2005

    If you are good Muslim and some say you don't pray what should you say? .. More

  • Making up of prayers Date: 18-5-2005

    My friend did not pray yesterday, and told me that she would make up her prayers tomorrow, is that possible? I thought only fasting can be made up and prayers can be made up but only during the same day. .. More

  • Dealing with jealousy from others, and failure to pray Fajr prayer Date: 21-4-2005

    I have two questions: 1) Some of my far relatives and friends have the inside illness that they don't want me to have wealth that Allaah gave me for example when they see me living happy life with money, inside their heart they wish that I will not have any money, they wish that one day I will be poor they are jealous that I have much more money.. More

  • Doubtful about his prayer Date: 21-4-2005

    I was 24-years old when I traveled to Makkah to perform Umrah in Ramadhaan. One day I was sleeping after Fajr till Thuhr. My uncle woke me up for Thuhr Salaat. I woke up , did my Wudu, My uncle told me that we are late for Thuhr Salaat with Jama'a, So he asked me to make a Jama'a here, there were four people. He asked me to lead the Jama'a. I.. More

  • Busy working housewife and obligation for prayer Date: 20-4-2005

    If a married woman is working and she home and cook, cleaning and looking after kids etc. How and when she can pray Salaat? .. More

  • Unable to wake up for prayers Date: 17-1-2005

    I am really worried about my routine of life in these days. I have not been able to say my Asr and Maghrib prayers due to sleeping. I do say my Fajr prayer regularly almost, but at coming back from college I cannot control myself when I am at bed. During this I try to wake up but I am no been able to do this even trying my level best. My physical.. More

  • Difficult making up for thousands of missed prayers Date: 15-12-2004

    Tell me that I'm 35 years and have some fatty body, I'm praying my Qadha prayers, as they are in thousands in number, so I do pray these by sitting and by Ishaara, as I'm bulky so could not perform so many prayers well, can it is allowed me to pray these prayers by Ishaara, I'm praying some time 50 prayers, as now Ramadhaan is going, and.. More

  • Making up prayers during Ramadan Date: 7-12-2004

    Sir following us the description of my thought so please guide me here (the meaning of Hadeeth). "The person who will observe fast and will try to satisfy Allaah; is forgiven by Allaah as he has not committed any sin before and will get 70 to 700% more benefit what of one virtue in Ramadhaan." Now according to Hadeeth 1 virtue = 70 to 700 (in.. More