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  • He unknowingly used to perform prayer after wet dream without Ghusl Date: 10-8-2011

    Sir, I have just recently learned that ghusl becomes obligatory after wet dreams. There has been many circumstances when i washed myself up but didn't bath after a wet dream and then said my prayers. And I have totally no idea how many prayers I have performed in this state in my whole lyf. Plz state the ruling on how to make up for these prayers... More

  • He missed many prayers at the time he did not believe in Allaah Date: 1-8-2011

    Assalamo'alekom, i became a good muslim just six months ago, before than i have never prayed or fasted in my whole life (by the way i'm 20 years old) and i didn't really beleive in God's existance, but slowly i begin to see videos on the internet about islam and miracles of the Quran and then i realised that islam is really the truth, my question.. More

  • A quick manner to make up the prayers missed for years Date: 13-7-2011

    some scholars are in opinion that if a person has missed his salah for about 30 years or 40 years and if he is not able to make up of missed salah then he can shorten his missed salah in following way :- 1) without recitng bismillah before surat fatiha and other surat 2)saying subhan rabbiyal azeem and subhan rabbiya aala just once in bowing and prostration.. More

  • Denying the obligation of prayer is disbelief Date: 27-1-2011

    There is someone saying that there are only two (obligatory) daily prayers, not five, and that there is no special prayer on Friday? Can we declare him a disbeliever?.. More

  • She missed many prayers after she had a miscarriage Date: 24-6-2010

    A woman had a miscarriage during the third month of her pregnancy a year ago. She did not pray until she attained purity, then she was told that she should have prayed before this. What should she do as she does not know the exact number of days that she missed?.. More

  • Her menses started shortly after the Thuhr time began Date: 24-6-2010

    If a woman starts to menstruate at one o’clock in the afternoon and she has not prayed that Thuhr prayer, should she make up for this prayer after attaining purity?.. More

  • Observing the sequence when making up many missed prayers Date: 11-10-2009

    Assalamu Alaykum, I have 2 questions: 1- I used to pray in the past, but sometimes I would miss fajr or other prayers by sleeping and wouldnt make them up as soon as I woke up. I used to think that i can make them up anytime. This resulted in an accumulation of many prayers which I now am trying to make up ( i wrote them down on paper). My.. More

  • He invalidated his fast and prayer by masturbation for many years Date: 30-9-2009

    Asalamu Alaykum, When I was 14 years old i started to masturbate 3 to 7 times daily. sometimes i didn't have chance to make a غسل from the جنابة and pray the daily prayers without having qusul. I never prayed the morning prayers, my daily prayers were ever 4 prayers, some prayers i was clean and some of them i was unclean because of them masturbatio.. More

  • Charity of the one who does not pray Date: 17-6-2009

    Assalamualikum, I'm unfortunately do not pray despite the fact that I know the importance of the same... If I donate money to build a mosque... will that be accepted by Allah almighthy.. More

  • The Hijri year in which the prayer was enjoined Date: 21-4-2009

    in which hijri salath started?.. More

  • Missing prayers because of college study Date: 23-2-2009

    Iam 20yrs indian girl,grew up and live in KSA.pl also refer Q 2217060 and this is the forced sin - am going to a college where missing my maghrib prayer,and asr prayer is at risk twice a week.i complained "muslim" teacher for timings , now mosque is removed.i told my father to discontinue my studies but i got bad words and told -"many are doing that.. More

  • Her husband does not perform prayers on time Date: 26-1-2009

    ASALAM ALLAIKUM BROTHERS AND SISTERS I once again thank you all for this great site my question is as my husband does not pray before but cause i send him to religious scolour he now prays all prayers but not on time also early morning prayer when i call him in ramazan he prays in house but nowadays he does not get up how much ever i call him even 10.. More

  • Didn’t pray for 13 years Date: 26-2-2008

    please can you answer this questions specifically. As i have reffered to fatwas on the site but cant find my answers. First questions is about missed salahs in my life. I never used to pray for about 13 years . although i knew it was part of islam and did not no its obligation and what would happen if i did not pray the salahs, in terms of making them.. More

  • Wrongly thought that the time of Fajr prayer was over Date: 19-11-2007

    This monday i woke up late and i wrongly thought that the time of salat fajr was over.My mother wanted to use the bathroom so i said to myself i will let her use it since i am out of time for the salat i can wait before doing it.I looked outside i could see that it was still a little dark but i said to myself the sun is hidden behind the fog so i still.. More

  • The punishment of Allaah for abandoning the prayer Date: 10-11-2007

    I was unwillingly performing my prayers and I was not regular in praying until I saw the bald-headed poisonous snake in my dream. It did not cause me any harm. From that moment on, I started performing my prayers regularly. What is the interpretation of this dream? .. More