219 fatwas

  • Making Salah in a city with no Mosque Date: 13-11-2000

    I am living in Ukriane, in the town [Dnepropetrovsk] we have not Masjid here and I have not friends here. I want to know when I can do [Al Salawat] every day?.. More

  • Difficulty waking for prayers Date: 3-11-2000

    My question is a bit odd, usually i set the alarm on my watch to wake up for AL FAJR PRAYERS, two days ago before going to sleep i recited AYAT AL KURSI, in the morning i didn't wake up for the AL FAJR and i was angry why the alarm clocks didnt work, i tried to look for them but they were not in their usual place, so after some search i found them.. More

  • Menses during prayers Date: 22-9-2000

    If a woman has her menses while praying, does she have to make up the prayer? If so, what does she do if she cannot remember exacting which prayers were in this time period? Please give reference from Qur'an and Sunnah. .. More

  • Praying at Proper Time Even in Strange Places Date: 2-4-2000

    I have asked about performing prayer while sitting in my laboratory because there is no space and I can`t pray in the public places in Japan because I don`t like to make misunderstanding about Islam or Muslims. You kindly answered me that I should perform the prayer in the correct manner. I want to confirm that for Muslim sisters who don`t have place.. More

  • Muslim Resumed Prayer after Long Neglect Date: 14-2-2000

    If someone who used to pray the five daily prayers, stopped and after a long time, he began praying, what can happen to him on this life and the day of judgement? .. More

  • Distracted by Praying Near School Lockers Date: 21-1-2000

    I am a high school student. When salah al zohr comes, I pray next to the lockers. Sometimes it can be a little bit noisy and it distracts me. My Muslim friends say that it's better to perform prayer at home with salah al asr; is it true? .. More

  • Only Praying on Friday Date: 25-11-1999

    I pray only on Fridays, but I love God and believe in Him; am I not a Muslim? What should I do for being so? .. More

  • Making up missed prayers Date: 12-10-1999

    What should I do about missed prayers? .. More

  • Missed Fajr and Maghrib prayers Date: 9-8-1999

    If I miss the fajr prayer, because of sleep, and wake up after sunrise, is it possible for me to pray the missed Fajr prayer? Also, if I miss the Magrib prayer, because of some work, is it possible for me to make the magrib prayer after the azan for Isha is called out? .. More