216 fatwas

  • Praying at Proper Time Even in Strange Places Date: 2-4-2000

    I have asked about performing prayer while sitting in my laboratory because there is no space and I can`t pray in the public places in Japan because I don`t like to make misunderstanding about Islam or Muslims. You kindly answered me that I should perform the prayer in the correct manner. I want to confirm that for Muslim sisters who don`t have place.. More

  • Muslim Resumed Prayer after Long Neglect Date: 14-2-2000

    If someone who used to pray the five daily prayers, stopped and after a long time, he began praying, what can happen to him on this life and the day of judgement? .. More

  • Distracted by Praying Near School Lockers Date: 21-1-2000

    I am a high school student. When salah al zohr comes, I pray next to the lockers. Sometimes it can be a little bit noisy and it distracts me. My Muslim friends say that it's better to perform prayer at home with salah al asr; is it true? .. More

  • Only Praying on Friday Date: 25-11-1999

    I pray only on Fridays, but I love God and believe in Him; am I not a Muslim? What should I do for being so? .. More

  • Making up missed prayers Date: 12-10-1999

    What should I do about missed prayers? .. More

  • Missed Fajr and Maghrib prayers Date: 9-8-1999

    If I miss the fajr prayer, because of sleep, and wake up after sunrise, is it possible for me to pray the missed Fajr prayer? Also, if I miss the Magrib prayer, because of some work, is it possible for me to make the magrib prayer after the azan for Isha is called out? .. More