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  • A line marking the end of the Tawaaf at the black stone

    A brown line is drawn from the black stone to the periphery of the Haraam, representing the end of a circuit or all of the Tawaaf (as the case may be). This line did not exist in the time of the Messenger  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) yet he completed his Manaasik appropriately. Is it permissible for us following his pathway to disregard the.. More

  • Shaving the head of the pilgrim

    After Tawaaf-ul-ifaadhah, a pilgrim's head was shaved completely but by an inexperienced shaver so that there was some unevenness in the shaving. The pilgrim left the shaved head that way. Is that appropriate? .. More

  • Doubtful completion of Hajj

    Last year I performed Hajj with my parents and wife. My parents are very old they cannot even walk properly. Al-hamdulillah, we completed all rights. But in Jamrath I hit the Shytan on behalf of my parents and wife. But on third day I could not complete this act due to too much rush. I hit only the first Shytan only but it did not fell in the.. More

  • Failure to make the farewell Tawaaf for Hajj

    What is the ruling of somebody that went for Hajj and did not perform Tawaaf Al-Wadaa'? .. More

  • During Hajj after leaving Arafah, stopped in Mina before going on to Muzdalifah

    Last year, I went for Hajj and when we left Arafat for Muzdalifah, we passed via Mina. We stopped for a while in our tent and we headed for Muzdalifah. Is this practice correct or should we go directly to Muzdalifah? .. More

  • Did not remain in Mina during Hajj due to work

    I did Hajj but I did not stay in Mina on 10, 11, and 12 due to night duty. Do I have to pay penalty for not staying during the night in Mina? .. More

  • Stoning on the morning of the 11th and 12th of Dhul-Hijjah

    I performedhajj this year from Qatar. The imam advised us to performstoningin the morning of 11 and 12th of Dhul-Hijjah. He said there is Fatwa by a judge of Shariah court and Qaradawi to this effect. Pleaseprovide me with the details. Is there any specific prohibition from Prophetto performing this in the morning? May Allah bless us all... More

  • Farewell Tawaaf

    I went to perform Hajj this year and I was unable to do the last portion which was the farewell due to the menses and my brother has said that it does not really matter if you did it or not. I want to know that my Hajj is complete or not and do I have to do it again?.. More

  • Threw the Pebbles on the 12th of Thul-Hijjah before Midday

    I performed Hajj this year and I think I have done Rami on 12th (the before Zuhr prayers. Do I have to sacrifice goat/sheep for this mistake I have done to avoid the huge rush on the last day of Hajj. Please inform me at your earliest. .. More

  • Not Sure He Threw the Pebbles in Full during Hajj

    I made Hajj this year, may Allah accept the Hajj from all Hujjaj. In the third day of Eid, when I was making Rami at the Jamra al-Aqab Asughra, I wasn't sure I threw stones in the circle. There was too much of a crowd that I couldn't get close enough to make sure I made the seven stones. The other two Jamrat (Wusta and Kubra) were fine, I made at least.. More

  • Throwing the Pebbles as a Form of Stoning the Devil during Hajj

    Is it true that ALLAH (subhanhu wa taala) puts the devil (satan) alive at the place of stoning during the days of stoning (al Jamarat) during pilgrimage (Haji) and does the devil feels these stone and tortured this way. .. More

  • Delaying a Bit after Farewell Tawaaf for Hajj

    We performed Hajj this year. On the 12 of Dhul Hijjah, we arrived to Mecca to perform Tawaf Alwada'. Right after the end of the Zuhr prayer, and the people in charge of our group told us that the buses will leave right after the 'Asr prayer. So we performed Tawaf Alwada' first and we were finished with it about an hour before 'Asr, so we waited around.. More

  • He Threw the Pebbles Early in Hajj

    I went to Hajj two years ago with my wife. During the Hajj I was sick.On the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah. I through the stone just before the Zawal 5-7 minutes because the Government announced over the speaker that people with a family can throw stones before Zawal, during this time I was sick. Do I have to scarifies a sheep in Mecca? Can you please advise.. More

  • Question about Hajj

    I performed hajj first in 1994, I was not sure if I did Tawaf al-Ifada or not. This year I went to Makkah again, there I asked a scholar and he said just do it and you will be fine. That is what I did. The following day he said that I have to sacrifice a camel. I am not sure which one is right. Please advise me. Was my Tawaf good enough or i have to.. More

  • Performed Hajj and May Have Forgotten to Perform Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah

    I performed Hajj and Umrah in 1994, I'm not sure if I did Tawaf al-Ifada or not. This year I went to Mecca again for Hajj, and did Tawaf al-Ifada for the last time. Is that good enough or I have to sacrifice a lamb? Please let me know. .. More