159 fatwas

  • Performing Hajj without spending the night at Muzdalifah Date: 22-4-2011

    Dear brothers assalamu allaikum l was with indian medical mission as a doctor we gave them in writing that we will not perform haj but later on they allowed us to perform haj with condition that i will not stay at muzdelfa for night tell me please is this haj acceptable ?wasalam.. More

  • He walked very fast while performing Tawaaf Date: 3-1-2011

    salam just wanted to know during tawaf al ifadah in hajj i was so anxious to complete the 7 circuits that i was walking very fast and may have at times even ran the reason i did this was i wanted to complete 7 circuits before my wudu broke because i cant keep wudu for too long i know its sunnah to walk at modertae pace so by walking fast and at time.. More

  • A pilgrim throwing the pebbles before the sun passes the meridian Date: 27-12-2010

    Assalamu alaikum, i have performed the hajj this year, and on the 12th zul hijja my group pressured us to leave early for stoning the jamrat, after the throwing i noticed the time was 10:30 am. And now i have returned to my country what is incumbent on me. May Allah increase your knowledge... More

  • He has doubt that he did not perform Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah Date: 2-11-2010

    Assalamu Alaikkum I did Hajj in 1993 , That was Hajj ul Ifrad. After Iharam we come to Makka. Instead of doing Tawaful Qudum , I did Tawaful Ifadha and Saei of Hajj. Then gone to Mina and Arafa.After we gone for Musdalifa and then thrown the stone at morning . then gone to mina stayed there 3 days . During theses days we thrown the stones corrrectly... More

  • She began menstruating on the Day of 'Arafah Date: 25-6-2010

    If a woman begins menstruating on the Day of ‘Arafah, what should she do?.. More

  • She started menstruating before performing Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah Date: 25-6-2010

    If a woman starts menstruating after throwing the Jamrat Al-‘Aqabah (the large pillar) and before performing Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah and she and her husband are part of a group and have to return with them, what should she do, taking into consideration that she cannot ever return? .. More

  • She performed Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah while having menstruation Date: 25-6-2010

    I performed Hajj and started menstruating, but I felt shy to tell any one and I entered the Holy Mosque, prayed and performed Tawaaf and Sa‘y. What should I do, taking into consideration that I had it after having post-partum bleeding?.. More

  • She started her post-partum bleeding before performing Sa'y and Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah Date: 25-6-2010

    If a woman started her post-partum bleeding on the day of Tarwiyah (eighth of Thu’l Hijjah) and completed the pillars of Hajj with the exception of Tawaaf and Sa’y (walking between Mounts Safa and Marwah), and then realizes that she has tentatively attained purity after ten days, should she purify herself, perform Ghusl (ritual bathing) and.. More

  • She became pure but had blood again during Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah Date: 25-6-2010

    A woman traveled to perform Hajj and menstruated five days after her journey began. After reaching the Meeqaat (designated zone to don Ihraam), she performed Ghusl and assumed the state of Ihraam while she had not yet attained purity from menstruation. When she reached Makkah, she remained outside the Holy Mosque and did not do any of the rites.. More

  • Distance between Makkah, Madeenah, Mina, Muzdalifah and ‘Arafah Date: 14-3-2010

    What is the distance from Makkah to Madeenah, as well as to Mina and to ‘Arafaat; and, also between Mina and ‘Arafaat, and Mina and Muzdalifah? I believe that this information is very essential for the pilgrim to know, so that he may have a clear mental picture [of his pilgrimage journey] and perfectly perform his Hajj (major pilgrimage), Allaah.. More

  • The Recommendation of Staying in Mina During Daytime Date: 14-3-2010

    Is it obligatory for the pilgrim to stay in Mina all day or is it enough to spend only the nights there and the days elsewhere, such as in Al-‘Azeeziyyah or, in particular, Muzdalifah?.. More

  • The rationale behind brisk walking being impermissible for women during Sa‘y Date: 28-1-2010

    The Sa‘y between As-Safa and Al-Marwah is done in compliance with the practice of Haajar the wife of Prophet Ibraaheem, may Allaah exalt his mention. My question is, why are men, but not women, required to do Ramal between the two green marks during Sa‘y when they do that in compliance with a woman’s practice? .. More

  • Being unsure whether or not two or three pebbles fall into the pit Date: 28-1-2010

    Allaah The Almighty blessed me with Hajj last year. With regards to the day of slaughtering, I still harbor doubts that while throwing pebbles at the Kubra Jamrah (the big pillar), two or three pebbles did not fall in the pit; although my colleague confirmed the opposite: that the pebbles did indeed fall in the pit and that my doubts are only caused.. More

  • Ruling on neglecting Ramal (brisk walking) in Tawaaf and running in Sa‘y Date: 14-1-2010

    May Allaah accept fasting and Qiyaam (standing in Prayer) from us and you. I went for making ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) in Ramadhaan, and all praise is due to Allaah, but in Tawaaf I did not do Ramal during the first three rounds. Also, in Sa‘y I did not run between the two green marks. In the third Sa‘y, I went to drink water because I did.. More

  • Performed Hajj, but did not stand at ‘Arafah and authorized someone to stand there on his behalf Date: 13-1-2010

    A man authorized another man to stand at ‘Arafah on his behalf with the excuse that he could not reach it because he is paralyzed, and he had come to Hajj from Algeria. He performed Tawaaf (circumambulation) and Sa‘y (walking between Mounts Safa and Marwah) on a stretcher and also authorized someone to throw the pebbles on his behalf. Please.. More