159 fatwas

  • When to take off Ihraam if one had paid money for his sacrifice Date: 3-2-2002

    Kindly answer me as early as possible as I am leaving for Hajj, Insha Allaah. My question is that in Saudi the banks are taking an amount of SR 350 for the slaughtering of an animal that is required in Hajj. Is it right to give them the authority to slaughter the animal on behalf of a Hajji? There is a condition that one can only take of his Ihram after.. More

  • Touching the Kaaba and praying there Date: 9-9-2001

    What is the ruling on touching the Kaaba (or its door) and praying there while doing so? Is this Bidah (innovation)?.. More

  • Making Tawaf outside of Ihram Date: 9-9-2001

    Can I make Tawaf around the Kaaba without being a Muhrim (wearing Ihram and in the state of Ihram)?.. More

  • Praying Jumah Prayer after the Farewell Tawaaf of Hajj Date: 10-4-2001

    Just after the Farewell Tawaf there was the time of Juma prayer so we couldn't depart from Makkah without praying Juma prayer. Can you please tell us is there any expiation for this or is there any mistake on this matter? .. More

  • Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah for woman in menses Date: 25-2-2001

    Would you please answer me as soon as possible as I am traveling on Feb. 23 from Canada to perform Hajj? My question is regarding the monthly period. I am expecting my period after Arafat. Since we booked our flight to come two or three days after throwing stone (Jamaraat). What is the ruling for Tawaaf Al Ifaadhah if the woman has her period and.. More

  • Staying in Makkah after Completing Hajj Date: 21-2-2001

    What is the Fatwa on staying at Makkah after completing Hajj? How many days can we stay after Tawaful ifadah? Is it permissible to stay two days more after performing Hajj in order to do extra Tawaf? .. More

  • Throwing the pebbles before noon in Hajj Date: 24-8-2000

    My father performed Hajj last year. He went to throw stone to ‘Jamra’ on second day before noon and left the ‘mina’ before ‘magrib’. After, it was understood that throwing stone should perform after noon (zuhar)? Whether he has to pay ‘kaffarath’ for this mistake? If yes, what does he have to pay?. Is there any different views in different.. More

  • Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah on 7th of Thul-Hijjah Date: 20-4-2000

    What is the Fatwa on doing Tawaful Ifadah on 7th of Dul Hajj? .. More

  • Spending only part of the night in Muzdalifah Date: 28-2-2000

    I am going for Hajj this year, insha Allah with a group. For Rami al Aqaba al-kubra, they do not want us to sleep the whole night in Muzdalifah then go to do Rami al-Aqba al-kobra at the morning. They want to move us after midnight from al Muzdalifah and do Ramiah al-Aqaba-alkobra around 1 or 2, go for Say and Tawaaf before Fajr. What should I do?.. More