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  • Considering Riba as giving fees for using other people’s money Date: 19-10-2010

    AsalamoAlikum One of my friends asked me a question. He said that what is the difference between giving rent(fixed) on a property(e.g. Home) which is halal and giving a charge on using the money. In other words he was trying to justify giving interest on loans acquired from others. He meant that just like you pay rent to use someone's home(asset).. More

  • Selling silver for a delayed price Date: 2-9-2010

    Asalamu alaikum, I am doing some research about Islamic solutions to student loans and wanted to ask if this is permissable. For example, If the Lendor has a $1000 (market value) of silver and a student is in need of $1000 to pay for school, can the lendor sell the silver for $1200 ($200 in profit) to the student, who will himself sell the silver.. More

  • Taking Riba is the only way for her to migrate to a Muslim country Date: 20-5-2010

    salam aleikum.. i know its big haram to take riba, but is it still haram to take riba for to take my husband and the children and make hijra for to move to muslim country.. we now live in koffar country in the europe and its very bad especially for the children and we know many muslim families here who the goverment have take the children from the parents.. More

  • Borrowing money with Riba for making an eyebrow hair transplantation Date: 1-4-2010

    salam aleikum.. i have one question. i have some decise in my eyebrows to make the hair there to not grow. i have this since i was 16 years. i only have very little hair there and when i was younger i must to make make up in my eyebrows because it look ugly and i cant show myself to anybody. i know its haram to make tatoo, but because i cant make makeup.. More

  • Joining upromise rewards program Date: 3-3-2010

    Assalaamu aliakum There are certain financial programs these days where you sign up and get a few cents back on your debit card for each purchase you make. It encourages you to spend with the notion that you will get something back in return. Is a transaction such as this allowed Islamically? Here's an example: "Become a Preferred Diner and you'll.. More

  • Wants to use interests to buy gold for his sister whose gold was stolen Date: 10-2-2010

    My brother left home and take my sister gold along with him who is married, now parents are forcing me to make her new gold jewellry bcoz if her in-law come to know about this then there will be a big problem. I have some interest amount around 6000 Indian rupees in my saving account, I have to pay a big amount to buy a gold for my sister. So my question.. More

  • He took a Riba-based loan to help his cousin Date: 27-1-2010

    assalamu alaikkum. i have taken a housing loan for one my cousin in my name. i have realised that it is haraam since it involves interest(riba). my cousin is having enough money but he is not relieving me out of this sin. my question is whether Allah will forgive me for this? also im showing this loan to get tax exemption( india ). can i continue to.. More

  • Dealing with a bank whose shareholders' money is not lawful Date: 19-1-2010

    salam, Is is halal to deal with an bank saying it is an islamic bank when the money of this bank shareholders is not halal ( tourism/alcohol, insurance ,stolen money ,money from riba bank) chokran.. More

  • Father overburned with huge debts and can repay Date: 6-1-2010

    AsalamoAlikum After months of efforts i have found a more clearer picture of my father's business work. He is in huge debts(mix of people and bank) which he says will be paid off completely only if his business goes on smoothly for 3 to 4 years atleast without any disturbance. He has repented from interest loans but is still paying on.. More

  • His company wants to buy him a car with a Riba-based loan Date: 29-12-2009

    I work in a pharmaceutical company where they take a loan from a bank with intrest and buy me a car , where the company will pay the bank as long as I am employed there. And in case I left the company before the loan setellment I SHAL PAY THE BANK . Should I take the car.. More

  • Borrowed money from the line of credit of her mother who later declared bankruptcy Date: 14-12-2009

    Salaam Alikum, My question is regarding money I borrowed from someone to go to school. I borrowed money from my Mom to go to school for something, she did not have the money so she took out the money from a line of credit from the bank for me as long as I agreed to pay the minimum monthly payments for it. My Mom had to declare bankruptcy not to long.. More

  • Taking a line of credit to help an indebted friend Date: 3-11-2009

    O noble shaykh, Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah. One of my friends is totally drowned under interest(riba). He made this much loan because of his education. He finished his graduation 4 years before. Still he is paying off the loan that he made. The irony is, he is still paying the interest of the loan and he has been paying for more than 4 years. He.. More

  • Paying debts through a Riba-based restructuring program Date: 26-10-2009

    Salam alaikom. I am new muslim from Finland Al-hamdulillaah. Before islam i had busines, it was haram and i have take loan with riba for that. After i became muslim and get knowledge that its haram, i sold company, but for me stayed much dept. I was without work sometime after. Dept what stayed has grow now becouse of riba one third bigger, and still.. More

  • Bought a computer with a Riba-based loan Date: 22-10-2009

    Assalamu Alaikum, I live in a non muslim county , I had purchased a computer system on my credit card a 5 years ago, which was from an usury bank. After purchasing it I didn’t repay the debts in time and also avoided to pay it. After a long period my debts became doubled by an applied interest. The bank had blocked my card and continued reminding.. More

  • Islamic finance companies asking for securities from their clients Date: 12-10-2009

    Can an Islamic Investment (Finance) Company ask for securities from its clients in order to give facilities? .. More