413 fatwas

  • Answering a misconception about bank interests Date: 1-9-2013

    salamun alaykum.may Allah bless you.dear sheikh,please i want you to clear this misconception on interest paid by banks on savings account.1.that it is your share of the profit from transacting with your money 2.that it is similar to the incident of three people of cave narrated in hadith where one of them has his money with his employer and the latter.. More

  • Her husband is angry with her because of a loan she took before converting to Islam Date: 13-8-2013

    I have an old debt that my husband is unhappy with. I have sold a house and lost a lot of money on it, it happened before I was married. he thinks I lied about it because I was not done with it later than I thought due to interest rates that rose to the double. he does not trust me now, I have shown him my account so he could see it was true what I.. More

  • Impermissible to cooperate with a Riba-based bank Date: 11-8-2013

    dear brother, we are solar energy company in pakistan. can we sell our product to a bank and then bank further finance on installment to his customer. Selling and marketing is on bank and bank will charge margin for its services and leasing. We will not involve in financing, we will install solar at customer home and bank will make us full payment one.. More

  • An item that involves Riba in PayPal and Alipay user agreement Date: 28-6-2013

    Assalamo alikom When I read PayPal and Alipay user aggrement I found thoes items are not clear to me: PayPal 4.1 Balances. If you hold a balance, PayPal will hold your funds in pooled accounts separate from its corporate funds, and it will not use your funds for its operating expenses or for any other corporate purposes. PayPal will not voluntarily.. More

  • Bank is entitled to refuse investments of those whose income is doubtful Date: 29-5-2013

    salam.. The bank refuse investment from certain individuals and companies whose income is questionable. Is it shariah compliant or not? .. More

  • Ruling on cash back on a debit card Date: 28-3-2013

    I have a savings bank account in a riba-based bank in India (Please note that their are no Islaamic banks in our country and I have read about the ruling on this issue).I take the interest from the bank and give the compelete amount in charity. If we use banks DEBIT card we get: 1% Cashback on all purchases. Re. 1 back for every Rs. 100 we spend. Is.. More

  • An Islamic bank offering a fixed profit rate Date: 21-3-2013

    As salamu alaikum, My question is regarding one leading shariah compliant bank in qatar offering almost fixed profit rate of three percent (3%) on a high profit savings account. Upon enquiring with their sales/service person they informed me that they try to maintain the profit rate at three percent so as to benefit the customer, even if the whole profit.. More

  • Taking a Riba-based student loan does not affect consequent job Date: 18-2-2013

    As salamu alaikum, i hv taken a loan for my graduation, will my job based on graduation be haraam & i work in a US based research company which deals in debt and my job profile also include finding terms and conditions of debt/ bonds, is anyone of the above cases is haraam??? .. More

  • Impermissible to help a non-Muslim deal in Riba Date: 29-1-2013

    Salam Alaykum shaykh. I have a friend ho have accepted islam not long ago. He asks if it is allowed for him that his father who is not a muslim, buys a house With a loan based on ribaa. And then my friend will buy the house from his father by monthly installement,wihtout ribaa? .. More

  • Riba is prohibited in all its forms whatever its benefits may be Date: 29-1-2013

    As-Salaamualaikum Sheikh / Scholars, All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, is His slave and Messenger. What’s the ruling on the below two different person (A & B). If they both are from Lower middle class family.. More

  • He regrets using uncovered credit card Date: 10-1-2013

    Assalamoualaikoum, I had to rent a shop to sell some items. i needed to pay 2 months advance to the owner to cover the eventuality i close the shop and go away without notice. plus 1 month advance for the current month. I ran short of money because of delay in receiving money from contracts and in order to get the shop, i resorted to my credit card.. More

  • Bank loan is impermissible except in case of extreme necessity Date: 29-12-2012

    Is it permissible to take bank loan to undergo medical treatment which is extremely necessary because i am facing immence hardship, pain and depression affecting my normal life. This ll also be a problem for me to get married as well. Please guide... More

  • Depositing a rent guarantee in a Riba-based account Date: 30-11-2012

    BISMILLAH Assalamu 'alaikum Before I became a muslim I rented a flat in which I live until now. The condition from the renter was to take from me a guarantee-deposit. This guarantee-deposit is stored in a riba-based account in the bank until I move out from my flat someday. Now as a muslim I asked the renter to stop the account and to store the.. More

  • Disposing of Riba incurred from a mandatory provident fund Date: 16-6-2012

    company's (where i am working) mandatory policy is to cut the 10% of the basic of the employees salary. After at least 25 years of service they return it to the employee with some benefit. Benefit comes to investing in fixed deposits in conventional banks. Is it halal for the employee to take the extra benefit of the Provident fund as the company.. More

  • Exchanging diamond and gold jewelry Date: 22-5-2012

    Assalam o Alaykum, I have a question regarding the exchange of diamond jewelry. I bought diamond jewelry 1 week ago and the stire has a policy that I can exchange it for another diamond jewelry of equal value within 2 weeks. My question is, since the diamond jewelry is on gold and I intend to exchange it with something that has more gold and less.. More