416 fatwas

  • Interest acquired before it was known to be forbidden Date: 11-5-2015

    Assalamoalaikum,Answer needed immediately,My maternal grandmother gave me 50000 rs for educational purpose from her pension,I consumed some 30000 rs, and 20000 rs is left with me,My queston is ,that What will I have to do now with the remaining money as She never had paid interest which she got from the bank account from last 20 years(she is gettting.. More

  • Depositing money in a current account in a usurious bank Date: 15-4-2015

    In pakistan, there are mainly 02 types of accounts that can be opened in a bank, saving account and current account.In saving accounts, we get riba on our deposits. Where as in current account types, the account holder do not get riba but the money in his account is used by the bank for getting ribaOne of the current account types is the account known.. More

  • Her parents are paying for her education by taking a usurious loan Date: 1-4-2015

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,I am a college student who is almost graduating. I am only going to college because my parents won't allow me to leave. They are paying for my education by taking out a loan in which they will not owe any interest unless they fail to pay it back by a specified time. They want to pay it back on time and avoid.. More

  • Working in a Riba-based bank out of necessity Date: 26-2-2015

    Salam 3alikoum I work in a bank in the UK, I am not happy with that because of the many fatwa that said that working for a bank is forbidden (Harram), now , I am lokking to start a small business like car wash or fast food restaurant, but I can only afford to invest 20 to 30% of the capital needed. it is permitted to borrow from the banks the 70% needed,.. More

  • Using Riba interest to pay debt Date: 27-12-2014

    I am syed Jahangir My parents had died our beloved father had left some deposits amount in banks for my brother and sister, we need to take back but we will get the amount with interest add. I have 3 sisters they also have some deposit amount My question 1. One my sister is Married and her husband in dept can we clear the amount of dept with that interest.. More

  • A creditor asking debtor to pay back gold instead of the cash he borrowed Date: 12-10-2014

    Assalam o alaikum dear scholars. If someone gives me some amount on loan that is equal to 100 grams of gold at this time. And asks me to return 100 grams of gold instead of amount whenever i will return the loan. Is this interest in Islam. Whether i should return borrowed amount or 100 grams of gold .. More

  • Taking a loan from someone whose money includes both lawful and unlawful earnings Date: 11-10-2014

    My father has involved in interest lik pledging half house property and getting loan and some other By way of interest now my father has both halal money as well as haram money and I have an idea of starting new business by borrowing money from my father and my question is dat if I start business by borrowing money from my father den my business would.. More

  • Ruling on opening a current account in a Riba-based bank Date: 10-10-2014

    Asallam u Alaikum, I keep my money in Barclays Bank in the Uk and don't take any interest as it is a current account to keep my money safe. I have heard there is no bank here that is completely interest free(even the islamic bank). Recently I heard this bank where I keep my money is a major shareholder in an Israeli arms company(I'm not sure if this.. More

  • Taxes do not justify taking an interest-based loan from the state bank Date: 12-8-2014

    Asslamualaykum v.v. I am working in Government company.Hence i am government employee.As company offer me to give HOME LOAN of Rs.1550000/-[fifteen lacs fifty thousands] on 5-6% intrest.I also know that Riba is haram in islam,but being a government company ,every year i pay income tax+profession tax of total Rs.15000-Rs.20000/-app [per year] to government.. More

  • Facilitating a loan that involves interest is forbidden Date: 9-7-2014

    Assalam-ul-aicum. I work for a car dealer and a part of my job is sell warranty and other protection packages for a newly purchased vehicle. I am paid a commission based on what I sell. If a customer is financing their new car, and I submit their application to a bank, the dealership gets a type of referral fee. The amount of the referral fee is based.. More

  • Paying interest for late tax payment due to the accountant’s mistake Date: 7-5-2014

    Salam; I live in Canada and i have been charged an interest for filing my business tax late (due to the accountant) even though i paid it on the due date but Revenue Canada (Tax Ministry) received the amount late. I always avoid interest but this is what happened and i don't know what to do. Have i fall in Riba .. More

  • Buying gold or silver-plated jewelry on the Internet Date: 24-4-2014

    Praise be to Allah. Buying silver plated and gold plated jewelry from the internet. Not silver or gold the base is from brass. Salam Aleikom .. More

  • Taking a loan with interest to help relative pay tough debt Date: 10-4-2014

    Assalamu Alaikum, A close Muslim relative of mine is in severe financial hardship. He works hard, but has a large family and has had to borrow considerable amounts of money (without interest) from people to cover his family's expenses. But now he cannot repay his debt and might possibly go to jail as a result. I am a student in the United States and.. More

  • This transaction is a loan with Riba (usury) Date: 8-4-2014

    I intend to sell some products to clients, the clients don't have cash, but there is a lender who is willing to pay direct to us (as suppliers) and let the clients take the products then load his profit on the repayable amount. But because the lender isn't a Muslim he simply terms that profit as interest. Is there anything wrong for me to participate.. More

  • There is no 'interest tolerance level' in Islam Date: 11-3-2014

    I am interested in investing in an Indian Stock Market Called "BSE Tasis Shari'ah 50" Which they claim has the strictest possible Shari'ah compliance norms. Their Shari'ah screening includes: Business screening: Ensures that companies are carefully selected in compliance with Shari'ah and are in businesses that do not harm society per Shari'ah law... More