685 fatwas

  • Getting children interested in religion Date: 14-9-2003

    How can we make our children interested in religion? We found that they are more interested in playing only. Any Du'a for making our children pious and good. .. More

  • Son born to a lady before the husband became Muslim Date: 8-9-2003

    Before my husband and I were Muslim he had a child (boy) with a lady. The child is now seven; we want full custody, Insha Allah but for now to teach him Islam. But the mother is refusing us to teach him. What can you suggest? For 3 years now she has refused us to see the child. Should the father the boy from seven, or what is the ruling?.. More

  • Naming her son 'Kuzeed' Date: 8-9-2003

    I am a Palestinian in Germany, and I will get a new son soon. My mother wants me to give my son the name of my father, a Parisian name called 'Kuzeed'. My question: do I commit a sin if I did or what? I am afraid of this name for many reasons mainly for religious reasons by one hand, and I don't want to anger my parents on the other. Please I need.. More

  • The husband does not have to spend on his step-children Date: 7-9-2003

    I have 3 kids from a former marriage, and they have not entered Islam, as of yet. I entered into Islam 3 years ago. My husband insists he does not have to care for anything they do if he does not agree to it or care for what they do, if he chooses, because the bottom line is that he is not their father, therefore he does not have to help. We struggle.. More

  • Husband being present while wife in labor at hospital Date: 27-7-2003

    Can you please tell me if a husband is allowed to be present whilst his wife is giving labor at the hospital? Whatever the outcome, could you please provide some evidence?.. More

  • Child Custody and Maintenance Date: 13-7-2003

    I and my ex-wife divorced last year through Talaq. We are Sunni of Hanafi sect. Ex-wife has custody of only child who is a boy of 2 years. Please advice or give Fatwa on following: 1. Up to what age can the boy remain with mother? 2. When can I claim custody of the boy? 3. Upon Talaq I paid ex-wife her dower and maintenance for her for three.. More

  • Sex education in schools Date: 9-7-2003

    I would really appreciate your reply to my question concerning sexual education in the curriculum in schools. When and how should this material be presented to our students? Please reply because I am working on a project... More

  • Husband troubled by wife's adoption on their marriage Date: 1-7-2003

    My wife was adopted by her present parents when she was young. She came to know her real parents and also their relation ship when she was in tenth standard. Now she is married to me. Her present adopted parents changed her father's name and put the name of the father who has adopted her, and even my Nikah was under the same name of the person who.. More

  • Making Aqiqa for newborn child Date: 25-6-2003

    My baby was born last Thursday and I could not make Aqiqa in the following Wednesday because the butchers in my area do not work on that day. Could I do it on Thursday?.. More

  • Shopping before birth of child and religious activities after Date: 14-6-2003

    I am giving birth at end of July and some people says that it is Sunnah to buy things for the baby after the birth. Is it true? Please explain in detail. In Canada we need to buy car seat in advance. What should we do in this case? After the child birth, am I allowed to recite Qur'an and do Tasbeeh (Zikr) morning and evening without touching Qur'an.. More

  • Using some of Allah's names for naming persons Date: 14-5-2003

    Is this right to use the market name as 'Hafeez Centre' as al-Hafeez is among the names of Allah? In our country (Pakistan) names of persons Hameed, Majeed, Majid, Karim, Wajid are used. Is this right?.. More

  • Naming son "Mumin" Date: 30-4-2003

    I have a son and named him "Mumin". Is that is wrong to call him Mumin?.. More

  • Using son's money to support an orphan Date: 26-4-2003

    I have a handicapped boy and he receives a monthly salary from the government. My wife wants to deduct 60 from it to sponsor an orphan. Can she do that even though it will have no affect on him and most of the money is spent on him and on the family... More

  • Physical punishment of children Date: 21-4-2003

    What is the Islamic opinion about physical punishment for children?.. More

  • Raising Muslim children in Czech Republic Date: 14-4-2003

    I would like to ask you about small Muslim children who go to kindergarten or pre-school together with un-believers in non-Muslim countries. They adopt their habits and behaviour and way of speaking very quickly. Teacher doesn't respect their religion because especially our Czech society is mostly unbelieving. Is it better to prevent them from such.. More