686 fatwas

  • Wife does not take care of husband's children by previous marriage Date: 3-7-2002

    I married a second wife from my country and who agreed when I married her to look after my 3 kids from a previous marriage, but now she is not doing what she agreed to do. I must say she does every thing a wife should with her husband, but not for my children. We have two lovely daughters from her and third is coming. My plan is send my wife back home.. More

  • Teaching three year old son about Islam Date: 2-7-2002

    I would like to know how teach my three years old son Islam. I am a Muslim and I do every thing I know about my religion. I live in Spain. I am writing from a pubic center. It is really hard and complicated task. I do need help... More

  • Abrar as a girl's name Date: 17-6-2002

    Isha Allah within these days I will receive a new baby girl, and we choose for her the name "Abrar" but some people informed me that this name may be not good because it may enter in the verse [53: 32]? Is the name "Abrar" is good or not?.. More

  • Wife Seeking Divorce Through English Courts and Now Wants Islamic Divorce Date: 16-6-2002

    After 11 years of marriage my wife has asked for a divorce through the English courts. We have three children: boy aged 8 and 12 and a girl age 14. Now she is asking through her lawyers for an Islamic Talaaq. What are her and my rights regarding children custody maintenance for her, etc.? .. More

  • Using Money for ‘Aqeeqah Date: 12-6-2002

    I have 9 kids and I want to make the “al-Aqiqah” my oldest child is 20.I live here in the US. Can I send the money for it to Palestine or for poor people in Egypt, (my country) instead of sacrificing sheep? .. More

  • Non-Muslims caring for Muslim children Date: 13-5-2002

    Is it allowed for a non-Muslim to take care of Muslim children, i.e. friend who is non-Muslim or housemaid who is non-Muslim? Also, is it allowed for a non-Muslim to look after Muslim children when there is an older Muslim lady in the house at the same time, who might be in another room from them?.. More

  • Teaching Children Prayer and Quran Date: 13-5-2002

    When must we teach our children how to pray and to read Qur'an? .. More

  • The name "Aazar" Date: 4-5-2002

    Could you please tell me the meaning and history of the name "Aazar" and if it is good Muslim name? I think this was the name of Prophet Abraham's (Peace and blessings be upon him) father, is it true? Please make sure the above name is "Aazar" not "Azhar"... More

  • Child born of Zina Date: 20-4-2002

    I live in USA and I lived with a woman for 5 years without being married to her (she is not Muslim). During this time she got pregnant and we got a baby boy (she is his mother of course, and I'm his father). The day she delivered the boy she gave him her family name without asking me. I learned that later on, so he does not carry my name now. I tried.. More

  • Parental rights of a non-Muslim father to his son Date: 30-3-2002

    I am married to a woman who has a son from previous marriage. All the women and men in my wife's family are non-Muslims and all the women and men in the boy's father family are non-Muslims. At the time of my marriage the boy's father was in prison so the boy was living with me and his mother. A few months ago his father came out of prison, and he.. More

  • Admitting a retarded child in non-Muslim school Date: 26-2-2002

    I have a little boy of 3 years old. He has cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease and other medical problems. I live in England. The problem is that I will have to put him in a special school when he is 5 years old, but these schools are run by non-Muslims staff and of course, boys and girls are mixed (but at least there are many other Muslim children.. More

  • Raising Boys And Girls Date: 9-2-2002

    I had a discussion today with my husband. He claims that upbringing is not the same for boys and girls. He says it is worse if a girl loose her virginity before marriage than for a boy. I say that it is Haram for both boys and girls and that they will both get punishment from Allah (SWT). Who's right? Please get me valuable Daleel, fast! .. More

  • Protection for young daughter from her uncle Date: 30-1-2002

    I do not trust my brother (17 years old) in law to be around my 3 years old daughter. My Muslim wife wants to visit her family (non-Muslim). I do not want my daughter to go with her. Is that permissible? And how I can present this issue to my sensitive wife?.. More

  • Japanese Muslims seeking Islamic education for children Date: 6-1-2002

    My wife and I are writing this letter, as we are highly concerned about the Islamic upbringing of our two boys, who are 8 and 10 years old. We live in Japan, and there are no Islamic schools for that age, so the children are attending normal Japanese schools. Our concern is that the children spend most of the day among non-Muslim children and the school.. More

  • Worried about children's future since wife does not practice Islam Date: 1-1-2002

    My wife for 14 years became Muslim about 2 years ago. Her practice of Islam hasn't improved since she took Shahadah, no praying and no fasting and no covering of hair. But she stopped going to Church, and I truly believe she is sincere in her belief. She tells my 3 year old daughter Al-hamdu Lillah when she sneezes, and she answers Salaam when I say.. More