706 fatwas

  • Changing Muslim Name to English Name in the West Date: 19-9-2001

    We leave in US and my name is "Talal Abdul Mumith". This name is give by my parents. In all legal documents my name is still "Talal Abdul Mumith". For convince for the American business community I have changed my name to "Troy" an English name instead of "Talal". So that it is easy for the people. Is this ok in Islamic point of view. Please comment. .. More

  • Celebrating Son's Circumcision Date: 5-9-2001

    I am about to have my son circumcised. There is a tradition in our family to celebrate this occasion by inviting friends and family to a feast. Is this practice good or bad, a sunnah or a Bid'ah a source of reward or a source of sin? .. More

  • Calling Stepfather 'Dad' Date: 5-9-2001

    I hope you can help me dear Muslim brothers, I am in a dilemma. When I was 2 years old my mum and dad got divorced, since then I haven't seen my dad, he always knew where I was but never came to see me. When I was 3 years old my mum got re-married to my step dad, from an early age I started calling him dad and still do till this day. But I have just.. More

  • Celebrating Child’s Beginning to Eat Food Date: 5-9-2001

    Is there any ruling in Islam that a baby's feeding of food to be commenced by a function (commeration) at four months, four days with dates and fish or it is an innovation? .. More

  • Giving the name Shahed Date: 29-8-2001

    My brothers name is Shahed, could you please give me the meaning and can we keep this name... More

  • Islamic Ways To Discipline Children Date: 20-8-2001

    What are the proper ways according to the Qur'an and Sunnah to discipline children? .. More

  • Rulings regarding Aqiqa Date: 1-8-2001

    Is the Aqiqah for a child Fard, and if so, if the parents did not do this obligation at the birth of the child, do they have to do it at a possible time? What can a mother do who did not know due to ignorance that she had to do Aqiqah for a girl and not only for a boy? (The children are now about 30 years old and the mother has the means to do Aqiqah)If.. More

  • Muslim Putative Father of Child Wants to Marry Muslim Girl Date: 10-7-2001

    American Muslim youth seeks to marry a Muslim girl in America. Have a child age 3 years from an unmarried girl friend. As per American law is paying US 250 every month for child care and has to pay up to child's age of 18 years. Admits he is real father and he admits made mistake and shall not do again. Loves his child. Child lives with mother and father.. More

  • Raising an 11 year old autistic boy with female school mate Date: 8-7-2001

    I have 5 children, the oldest being an 11yr old boy who has Autism. My problem my autistic boy has problems socializing and seems only be socializing at school with non-Muslim girls. I try to discourage it as with the younger ones who understand quite well and are happy to please Allah by segregating when possible. My older boy wants to bring one.. More

  • Having an inappropriate name Date: 13-6-2001

    My name is Sifaturrahman. Should I change it? Please comment with Daleel... More

  • Time of Aqeeqah Date: 7-6-2001

    Recently I performed Aqeeqah on the 6th day, for my son, on the understanding that it has be performed within first 7 days of the birth of the child. Please advise whether this is acceptable or not in the light of Hadith, and whether I have to repeat the same... More

  • Daughter's name Date: 29-5-2001

    My daughter name is Tehreema which I keep on Sura Tahrim? Is that ok or should I change it?.. More

  • Aqiqa for new baby boy Date: 21-5-2001

    I have a new baby boy. I need information about aqiqa of 2 sheep. Can my family eat from it? I am not sure that I can give it to poor people. Is it halal to give it to relatives and friends? thank you .. More

  • DNA testing Date: 9-4-2001

    Thank you for yur reply to my query. I would be grateful for further clarification on one point. You had stated:"One, requiring a DNA test to prove paternity is an indication of accusing one's wife of Zina if the test conducted during circumstances, such as after having doubts or conflicts with one's wife, etc. so, one should not demand this test unless.. More

  • Rulings on breast-feeding Date: 4-4-2001

    1. Is providing breast milk for an infant Fard (for a baby too young to live on solid foods)? At what age (beyond two years) would breast-feeding become a Haram act?2. Is it Haram for children to pretend to be animals? .. More