693 fatwas

  • Having Muslim son baptised by Catholic priest Date: 12-9-1999

    I am married to a Christian Catholic woman, and we had a baby boy about 4 months ago. I called him ADAM. My parents in-law and my wife want to baptise him by a priest, but I refused, because I am Muslim, and my son has to be so. I am working at their own business, and I am having lot of truble with them all the time because of my son's baptism. My parents.. More

  • Changing name of daughter Date: 30-8-1999

    Iwant to change name of my daughter; she is now 3 yrs old.I think i gave her a wrong name; nowI want to change it. please tell me is it permissable in islam.I repent for having kept a wrong name.I really do. please reply/confirm. .. More

  • Sending Muslim Children to Non-Islamic Schools Date: 18-8-1999

    We live in Tampa, Florida, United State of America, where we have a full time school that teaches Arabic and Islam. This school is weak in education and discipline. Many families can not afford to pay the fees which is around 275.00 per child per month. Many of us send their children to public school which is stronger in education and discipline and.. More