817 fatwas

  • Wet Dreams and Fasting Date: 26-12-2001

    Will sexual dreams and the excretion after that in the month of Ramadhan break the fast? .. More

  • Ate after vomiting during Ramadan Date: 25-12-2001

    My wife vomited during Ramadhan. She thought that her fasting is invalid for that day and she has to repeat it, she drank milk after that. She does not know that this is a violation of the fast. Now should she repeat the day fast or repeat with Kafara?.. More

  • Pre-seminal discharge and fasting Date: 25-12-2001

    Does pre-seminal discharge (Mazi) break the fast?.. More

  • Intercourse after Breaking Fast Date: 23-12-2001

    I am newly married young man of 25. My wife and I love each other very much. When after Iftar can I have intercourse with my wife. Please help me in this matter. .. More

  • Fishing during Ramadan Date: 15-12-2001

    Can one go fishing during Ramadhan to put food on table or to sell?.. More

  • Using pills to delay menses Date: 13-12-2001

    1. Can a woman take pills during the last ten days of Ramadhaan (after Iftar) to delay her monthly period or should she just accept Allaah's decree on her as a woman. Keep in mind that she really wants to seek Laylatul Al-Qadr. 2. There is a Hadeeth that says that if one prays at night (Qiyam) sincerely for Allaah during Ramadhaan, his past and future.. More

  • Watching evil movies during fast Date: 13-12-2001

    1. What would happen if I see an evil movie during my fasting, in school? 2. How can I get verses of The Qur'an that help with practicing my fast? 3. I would like to know the number of Muslim people there are in the U.S. as of the years 2001-2002? .. More

  • Using perfume during Ramadan Date: 12-12-2001

    Can we use perfume during fasting (Ramadan)? Is there any restrictions to use? .. More

  • Paying Money for Missed Fast Days Date: 12-12-2001

    I am suffering from a major continuous health problem and therefore I can not fast. Can you tell me how much money should I am suffering from a major continuous health problem and therefore I can not fast. Can you tell me how much money should I pay (in Canadian dollar, since I live here) per every missed day? I would really appreciate your help. May.. More

  • Applying cream on face, hands, etc., during fast Date: 11-12-2001

    Someone told my mother that she can't put cream on her hands while fasting because it penetrates the skin. Is that true? .. More

  • Breast-feeding and fasting Date: 11-12-2001

    I have a 7 month old baby whom I breastfeed. Since I started fasting the milk started to go and every time that I breastfeed I feel dizzy so I just stay in bed all day long I would like to know if it is a good enough reason to stop fasting and to make up those missed days after I stop breastfeeding. .. More

  • Perfumes and body creams during fasting Date: 10-12-2001

    Are perfumes and body creams accepted while fasting? .. More

  • Length of fasting days different due to traveling Date: 9-12-2001

    I have known that Ramadhaan will start in Egypt at Friday 16-11-2001, Now I am in Japan at which the fasting is according to the nearest Islamic country like Malaysia, thus Friday here will be 29th of Shaban. For my case I will go back to Egypt in Ramadhaan which means that my Fasting will be less than in Egypt by one day. So My Question is: in which.. More

  • Breaking the fast early believing it to be the proper time Date: 28-11-2001

    What if the sunset Adhan on Ramadan had been performed before the real time by about 7 minutes, believing that was the proper time, and all the site residents broke the fast? .. More

  • Using tooth paste while fasting Date: 21-11-2001

    I heard that we can brush our teeth with paste when we are fasting. Is this allowed during the fast; if so, why? Please give evidence from Qur'an and sunnah and details. .. More