810 fatwas

  • Fasting after nocturnal emission Date: 22-1-2000

    If one had a nocturnal emission, woke up about half an hour before fajr noticed it, but unfortunately, was too tired to take a shower before fajr, is it still permitted to fast the day? When he wakes up, he'll make ghusl. .. More

  • Fasting in Shawwaal before making up for missed days in Ramadan Date: 17-1-2000

    I want to know if I could start fasting the 6 days of Shawwal before or after making up the days I didn't fast in Ramadan? .. More

  • Punishment for eating during Ramadan Date: 3-1-2000

    What's the punishment for someone who eats during Ramadan? What can he do to solve this problem? .. More

  • Eating and drinking out of forgetfulness while fasting Date: 2-1-2000

    If I forget that I am fasting and I eat something during the day of Ramadan, what shall I do? .. More

  • Taking medication and fasting Date: 1-1-2000

    I have a medical condition Narcolepsy. If I don't take medication in the morning I cannot get out of bed and will sleep most of the day until I take it. Can I take the medication in the morning and continue to fast? Once I take these pills, I have not other ailment that would keep me from being able to fast, and I am not of poor health. I am 29.. More

  • Traveler ending his fast Date: 17-12-1999

    At which time should the passenger end his fast? .. More

  • Tasting food during Ramadan Date: 15-12-1999

    Can women taste food in Ramadan? .. More

  • Physical contact while fasting Date: 11-12-1999

    Exactly what physical contact is forbidden when fasting? Can my husband kiss me and hug me? We love each other very much but don't want to do anything wrong... More

  • Beginning of Ramadan is by sighting the Moon Date: 11-12-1999

    Do you have to start fasting as soon as any Muslim country starts fasting or only when the moon is sighted in your country or city? If it is the latter which applies, is it by country or city? Please cite the sources you rely on. .. More

  • What is Ramadan? Date: 8-12-1999

    What is Ramadan? .. More

  • Bleeding and fasting during Ramadan Date: 7-12-1999

    As-salaam-aleikum. If a woman has an operation for genital area (uterus) and she is still bleeding, should she fast in the days of Ramadan? Or should she make up these days later as for menstruation and after giving birth? .. More

  • Brushing teeth using toothpaste while fasting in Ramadan Date: 5-12-1999

    What about using toothbrush with tooth paste during fasting in Ramadan?.. More

  • Ghusl and fasting Date: 4-12-1999

    Is Ghusl needed for fasting? .. More

  • Fasting during Ramadan while pregnant Date: 9-11-1999

    Assalamu-Alaikum! I am currently 5 months pregnant. I wish to know if I am to observe fast during the Holy Month of Ramadhan? I have asked several sisters and they give a different answer. I have looked both in the Qur'an and in Sahih Al-Bukhari but am unable to find anything definite. If I am not supposed to observe fast for the health of the baby,.. More

  • Chewing gum while fasting Date: 21-8-1999

    I am an Engyptian doctor practicing in the U.K. In fasting (Ramadan or optional), my tongue becomes dry. This makes tongue movements during conversation rather sluggish. In turn this makes my accent more difficult to understand by my English speaking patients. Would chewing tasteless gum break my fast (including swallowing saliva; is not acceptable.. More