40 fatwas

  • Dialogue between Muslims and Christians Date: 14-9-2002

    What is the ruling about the discussion between Muslims and Christians; and what are its benefits? .. More

  • Labor Strikes in Islam Date: 10-9-2002

    What is the Islamic ruling on striking, i.e. not going to offices due to delay in receiving salary? .. More

  • Shura in Islam Date: 4-9-2002

    I want to ask about the difference between parliament use by countries at present day and Shura that were used long ago by Khulafa ar-Rashidin? Does parliament have similar characteristic with Shura? What is your opinion about it according to Islamic perspective? Do you think that Muslim countries nowadays are using Shura in solving the problem or not?.. More

  • Teachers at Muslim school want to strike for salaries due them Date: 26-8-2002

    We are working as teachers in a Muslim school, but for some months now our salary has not been paid. We made a decision to strike. Are we allowed to do this, since the school fee is paid per year?.. More

  • Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State Date: 2-6-2002

    What's the right of Ahlu ath-Thimmah (non-Muslims living in an Islamic state) regarding their religious practice and their rights in that country? .. More

  • The rights of non-Muslims living in Islamic state Date: 2-6-2002

    I would like to know the status of non-Muslims who are living in an Islamic state... the difference between an Islamic state and a Muslim state... More

  • Muslims and elections Date: 19-5-2002

    When there are elections and both sides are bad and will hurt Muslims, should Muslims avoid voting to not cause any harm?.. More

  • Voting in US elections Date: 3-1-2001

    For Muslims in the USA, can we vote for non-Muslims at election time?.. More

  • Hunger strike until death because of injustice Date: 1-1-2001

    I have a question to ask, and I would put an example for you kindly to answer it. For example, if somebody was UNFAIRLY jailed and he asks to be let free or he would go on strike on food to death. The person is a good businessman and he makes a lot of money when he works (adding to Islam strength). For him, a jail is end of life and he would like to.. More

  • Muslims Participating in Elections Date: 27-3-2000

    What is the rule in entering into Parliaments ? .. More