547 fatwas

  • Male physician examining woman in emergency room Date: 25-12-1999

    I am a physician. Is it haram to examine a woman during the month of Ramadan in the emergency room? .. More

  • Reasons cigarette smoking is Haram Date: 4-12-1999

    I know that cigarette smoking is haraam in Islam, but why is it so? Please give all the reasons from Qur'an and sunnah... More

  • Using mouthwash containing alcohol Date: 18-11-1999

    Can I use mouthwash with alcohol? .. More

  • Muslim male, former female, wants wife Date: 18-8-1999

    Bismillah arrahman arrahim, assalam alaykom wa rahmatollah, i sent you a question for a fatwa and i am sending you now a detailed letterabout my story. please help me. I am a muslim man who lives in canada. I need your help to give me a fatwain marriage and i need your knowledge of the islamic laws to help me. I am an engineer, an honest man, who follows.. More

  • Giving part of a dead body to another person Date: 13-8-1999

    Can we give a part of a dead body to another person?.. More

  • Cloning Date: 9-8-1999

    What is Islam's point of view on cloning human beings? Temporary abortion as family planning?.. More

  • Smoking: Haram or Makrooh? Date: 29-6-1999

    Is smoking Haraam? Some people say smoking is makrooh, but I believe it is haraam, since it causes harm and damage to the body just like illegal drugs. I heard that smoking was declared haraam, but many people continue to believe it is makrooh. .. More