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  • Has Varicose Veins Eczema and May Need to Expose Her Body to Male Trainer Date: 8-2-2022

    healthSalam Alaikum,I have been dealing with skin conditions suck as eczema and now it further went to having varicose veins eczema. I didnt accept my doctors advice to be referred to personal trainers who are majority male to help me with my condition if left untreated can cause me complications . I wanted to ask if I am permitted to get help from.. More

  • Exercising for Increasing One’s Height Is Not Changing the Creation of Allah Date: 18-11-2021

    Assalamu Allaikum according to science people can still grow some inches after puberty doing natural exercises and taking good nutrition so can i do it or is it altering the creation of ALLAH SWT im a girl with the height around 4 feet 10 inch tall plz reply im confused about the hadith talking about plucking eyebrows and making gaps between teeth,.. More

  • Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment with a Non-Muslim Orthodontist Date: 2-6-2020

    I used to wear braces (on my teeth) a long time ago before I was religious. Now I have a retainer which is worn in order to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original position. I do not know whether or not the braces were for a legitimate reason or for cosmetic purposes. The doctors told me that I had an overbite, but I still don't know whether.. More

  • Using Medicine that May Contain Doubtful Ingredients Date: 9-5-2019

    Salam aleikum wa rahmatu Llahi wa barakatu. In a lot of medicine there are doubtful ingredients which we not know if they are halal or halal, such as gelatine, magnesium stearate,ecc... It is very difficult to know if it is animal or vegetable origin. Is it halal to take it? We often found them in Muslim countries and sometimes find only ,for some.. More

  • Massaging Penis to Treat Erection and Ejaculation Problems Date: 25-4-2019

    Salam, im a male 42, i live away from my wife in another country because of my work, i have been facing issues with erection and premature ejaculation, i have read about massaging penis and scortum with blackseed oil, to improve bloodflow to imrprove the erection quality, but never ejaculate as i tried to delay it qnd stop the massage without ejaculation.. More

  • Best Contraceptive Methods in Islam Date: 3-4-2019

    Salam alaekum warahmotullahi, what is best way in Islam for the couples to protect their self from un-expected pregnancy" .. More

  • Treating Patients with Hypnosis Date: 20-3-2019

    A psychiatrist uses hypnosis. Can a mentally ill person go to this psychiatrist for treatment under the condition that the mentally ill person would refuse the treatment by hypnosis when suggested by the psychiatrist? .. More

  • Doctors Are Not Obliged to Work Through NHS Date: 4-9-2018

    Assalam alykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.Under the uk law Dr's must have professional insurance/indemnity against liabilities that might be incurred in practising medicine if you are going to work for private hospitals as its a must to have indemnity in order to work: but if you opt to work through NHS trusts only then insurance/indemnity is provided.. More

  • Suffering From Wind Incontinence Date: 6-8-2018

    Assalaamu'alaikum,Please don't refer me to any other fatwas as I have read many fatwas over and over again regarding my issue.I want an answer specific to my question.I request you to reply me soon as I am suffering from extreme hardship regarding prayers.I suffer from wind my problem is I don't understand as to whether I am eligible.. More

  • Heparin as Treatment Date: 20-5-2018

    I am nurse and I been working at Hospital over a year now. I work dialysis unit. Most patient get heparin to prevent from clotting their blood while they are on the dialysis machine. heparin derived from pork. is it halal to administer heparin as a nurse? Thank you so muchYusuf .. More

  • Rulings on aspects of work of dental hygienist Date: 3-8-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. Praise be to Allaah, I am a dental hygienist who left the practice, but I have questions regarding that job in case I wish to return to it in future.So I want to know if it is correct for a Muslim or not. In dental clinics, there are products which contain alcohol, like disinfectants (used to.. More

  • Detoxing body through water-fasting Date: 5-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am obese, and I want to detox my body and lose excessive fat through water fasting for 1 to 2 weeks (maybe even longer). This means only drinking water and nothing else throughout the fasting. It is the quickest way to detox and clean out your body before starting a healthier eating habit. I have done a lot of research about it,.. More

  • Sex Reassignment Surgery Prohibited in Islam Date: 30-4-2017

    I am a Muslim woman but I do not feel that I am a female. Rather, I internally feel that I am a man. I had a previous marriage which ended with divorce. I was feeling like a man who was cohabiting with another man. Doctors, however, assert that I have a natural female genital tract. Is it permissible for me in the sharia to undergo a sex reassignment.. More

  • Doctor's suspicion that his/her actions led to death of patient Date: 2-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a junior doctor. A week before, a very depressing mishap occured. There was a patient who, without a doubt, was in a very critical situation. I took care of him but forgot to give him the last stage treatment at night. I also made some mistake due to a lack of knowledge. I was supposed to give him dopamine and noradrenaline but.. More

  • Hybridization of plants Date: 30-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Nowadays, hybridization of plants is popular. I am very fond of gardening. There are three types of plants: autogamous, xenogamous and geitonogamous. Either the plant pollinates by self-pollination where there is no scope of natural hybridization or by pollinating with different flowers either on the same plant or on different plants.. More