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  • Fertilization of an Egg of a Woman Who Is Not his Wife Date: 31-8-2018

    SalaamCan i possible get an egg donated from a na-mahram girl which will be done by an operation with her will and consent.This egg will get fertilise with my sperm in ovaries of halal wife of mine.Your early response in this regard shall be highly appreciable .. More

  • No artificial womb can replace woman's womb Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. Sir, there is a thing called parturient pod ... an artificial womb of which they claim that babies can grow into by providing them with nutritions. Please, I am getting confused and am really damn sure that this cannot happen because the power of that is only with Allah. Nobody can do this thing except Him. Please guide me a little.. More

  • Getting pregnant without marriage through artificial insemination Date: 9-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. A Muslim sister got pregnant, her family decided to discipline her given that she was not married. When the elders met her, she told them that she waited for years, that no one was proposing to marry her, and that she was getting to the age were she would not be able to get pregnant if she got married... More

  • Family relation of child born of a surrogate mother Date: 14-10-2015

    Before my marriage i came to know that she is not having we are having a child by using surrogate. Now iam affraiding about this one.give one solution to ask forgiveness and child status. .. More

  • Needs artificial insemination but her husband cannot afford it Date: 8-4-2009

    Assalaamu 'alaykum, A wife has the problem of conceiving naturally because of her blocked fallopian tubes. Besides the miracle of Allah she hopes and prays for to have a pious child, the only two options she has is: 1. to undergo a method(proven with higher success rate compared to IVF) of naturally unblocking the tubes with herbal tampons and medications.. More

  • Using artificial insemination in animal production and breeding Date: 17-9-2006

    Is allowed for us Muslim to pratice artificial insemination in producing aminal. (like upgrading of a native goat to hibreed one).. More

  • A widow using her dead husband's frozen semen for artificial insemination Date: 10-8-2005

    Thanks a lot for you informative and interesting web site. I have a very important question related to artificial insemination. What is the Islam’s stance on the issue in general? Also, it will be very much appreciated if you deal with the following main points separately: 1) It is Islamicly lawful for the wife to carry out the operation.. More

  • Learning about vitro fertilization Date: 14-6-2005

    I am a doctor I want to learn about helping infertile couples by working in vitro fertilization unit in a Western country. They do in vitro fertilization (test tube babies), They offer this treatment to married and unmarried couples and even to lesbian women who want to have children. Is it allowed for me to work in this unit so I could learn how.. More

  • Wants to have a child by an Islamic method Date: 25-5-2005

    I am married woman with 28 years-old. We got married 11 years before and we do not have child. The problem is on my side, recently (3 years before) I got pregnant but the embryo started developing in on the left side fallopian tube itself and doctor operated and removed the embryo. Due to this operation left side of my ovary and fallopian tube.. More

  • Surrogate parenthood Date: 14-10-2004

    My name is Ibraaheem, I am 31 years old and my wife is 46 years old, we are thinking to have a baby, for some medical problems my wife cannot get pregnant naturally, and we were offered by a female friend of us that she would carry the fertilized egg from us into her body that is to give us a chance to have our baby, meaning the doctor will.. More

  • Issues of artificial insemination, etc. Date: 9-5-2004

    Please,I need answers to the following questions urgently: (1) Whatis the position of Islam onassisted child reproduction -the medical process of taking spermand inserting it into a woman to fertilize her eggs? (2) What is the Shariah law vis-a vis inheritance for a child born through the process of taking someone's sperm other than the husband.. More

  • Artificial insemination Date: 9-5-2004

    1) What is the position of Islam on assisted child reproduction - the medical process of taking sperm and insert it into a woman to fertilize her eggs. 2) What is the Shariah law vice versa inheritance for a child born through the process of taking somebody else sperm to fertilize his mothers’ eggs? Since his mothers’ husband has problem.. More

  • Pregnancy by artificial means Date: 24-2-2004

    We have a son who is 8 year’s old. Later my wife got pregnant once but within 3 months miscarried. Since then we tried but not successfully. Now doctors give us two options. 1) They can take my sperm and put in her by injection every month for 3 or 4 months. 2) They can take my sperm and my wife’s egg put them together outside. Then put everything.. More

  • Fertilization for pregnancy Date: 24-2-2004

    My question is regarding IVF and ICSI fertilization. I have read your answers regarding IVF but my question is regarding a special form of IVF called ICSI fertilization. My husband has very bad quality seed and the doctors recommend IVF fertilization. After an unsuccessful attempt and based on the quality seed they now recommend ICSI. The only.. More

  • Ovum transplantation Date: 9-7-2003

    What is the ruling on implantation of fertilized foreign ovum (egg) in a uterus of a woman for which her husband gave the sperm?.. More