408 fatwas

  • Human Images for the Purpose of Teaching Date: 15-1-2002

    Can we use human images illustrations within school textbooks to teach Islamic morals? .. More

  • Sister wants DVD player Date: 7-1-2002

    My sister was visiting the USA and she bought a DVD player but couldn't take it with her. Now she is asking me to ship it to her. The problem is that I think she will use to see Haram things. My question is, if I ask her to promise me not to do so, would i be excused before Allah even though she might falsely promise me not to look at Haram things?.. More

  • Listening to melodies Date: 1-1-2002

    Can I listen to music like melodies, not rock or pop music?.. More

  • Music Stations Date: 12-12-2001

    Reading your answer that music is Haram, how come the Saudi 'iqra channel play music and there are Muslim radio stations in my country (South Africa-cape town) that play music? .. More

  • Listening to music and songs Date: 11-11-2001

    I do Namaj (Salat) regularly and try to do it as seriously as I can. And I believe and respect all of Allah's words And Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) Hadith. Now I like music and songs. And I enjoy them such a way that it can't interfere in Allah's Ibadah. Now will Allah forgive me for hearing music or songs?.. More

  • Islamic pictures for adults and children Date: 23-10-2001

    Where can I find Islamic pictures that I can color in and hang on my walls? For both adults and children to color in... More

  • Playing the Guitar as a Hobby Date: 30-9-2001

    Is it legal in Islam to play the guitar as a hobby? .. More

  • Images in Islam Date: 27-9-2001

    I am a student of BBA, North South University, Dhaka Bangladesh. I am a member of our Universities Photography Club. Some days ago I entered into this web site. And in the photography part I read the following statement. "Some scholars believe that it is lawful to draw living beings provided that one leaves out a vital part of that creature: like drawing.. More

  • Animated objects for children Date: 26-9-2001

    Kindly forward your Fatwa on the followings:Can animated bedsheets, soft toys, and posters of cartoon characters etc. be used for decorating children's bedrooms?.. More

  • Postage with image of idol Date: 25-9-2001

    Is it permitted to use a postage stamp with an image of the idol god Baal whom the Prophet Elias (Peace and blessing be upon him) was against in the Holy Qur'an (37:125-126)?.. More

  • Selling gold coins with figures Date: 24-9-2001

    You are kindly requested to answer the following questions received from one of my brothers in Islam: Are Muslims allowed to purchase and promote selling gold coins with figures?.. More

  • Images, pictures and dolls Date: 20-9-2001

    As I know, hanging a picture (of a living thing) is not right. But recently I heard that it will be wrong only then when the size of the picture is identical with the original size of that living thing. Is there really any matter of size? If I hang a picture of a living thing in my room, as I know, angel can't enter in my room but devil can. Now at.. More

  • Video taping self for family viewing Date: 11-9-2001

    Are we allowed in Islam to film our selves with a video camera in a party among just women and we're sure that no men will see it because we want to send to our family in another country?.. More

  • Boxing as a career Date: 9-9-2001

    What is the ruling of boxing as a career? Can someone reward a successful Muslim boxer?.. More

  • Butterflies on Shower Curtain Date: 5-9-2001

    My room has an attached bathroom with a pictured (butterflies) shower curtain. I always doubt about this, because it's forbidden hanging pictures of living things on the walls, as far as I know. Could you please explain this for me whether to remove this or not? .. More