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  • Whispers about Impurity Date: 26-6-2018

    Assalamu 'alaykum.Our toilet has high water so it splashes a lot. sometimes while urinating, some urine will splash outside of the toilet. I take precaution and wear shoes but others in my home do not. I am afraid of the transfer of impurities, what should i do?Secondly, I was cleaning an impurity on the table and as i poured water, some of the droplets.. More

  • Blocked After Sending an Islamic Messages Date: 31-5-2018

    I receive many Islamic messages. I forward them to my contacts, especially if it implies to them. If 1 of my contact blocked me simply the message relates to them and never wants to communicate with me, is he sinful for behaving in an ill manner? .. More

  • Heparin as Treatment Date: 20-5-2018

    I am nurse and I been working at Hospital over a year now. I work dialysis unit. Most patient get heparin to prevent from clotting their blood while they are on the dialysis machine. heparin derived from pork. is it halal to administer heparin as a nurse? Thank you so muchYusuf .. More

  • Depicting Animate Objects Date: 16-5-2018

    Assalamu Alaikum,I work in online and run a business too. This is called print on demand (e-commerce). I have some clients who's store's designs are made by me.Sometimes I have to make designs which are image based,like cat,dog,human,horse etc. Some designs are for sneakers.I download image from internet and just place it for sneakers,socks ,tshirt.. More

  • Playing Certain Video Games Date: 24-4-2018

    What's your view on skipping a story in a video game ? I 've been video games from a certain franchise that were known in the beginning family fun games, but then they decided to take a dark turn and started to include inappropiate elements in their games that were supposed to be cartoony, things that cannot be showns to kids. But due to negative backlash,.. More

  • Watching Movies That Include Prohibitions if Convey a Good Message Date: 24-4-2018

    salam. if there is a movie with good message but contains two/three haram scenes and some background music, should we avoid watching it altogether? or can we see it given its predominant good part by bearing the small harm of music considering that we have a dearth of 100% Islamic movies? can we act as per this fatwa in all such cases:http://islamweb.net/emai.. More

  • Affected with Whispers about a Vow Date: 19-4-2018

    Salam alaikum. Something is bothering me and I need your advice. Basically a couple of years I was looking into praying tahajudd. Now at that time im not sure if I made a vow to Allah swt I will pray tahajudd or I thought to my self I will pray tahajudd everynight for 1 hour. Im not sure either way. Now I am studying to be a doctor in the uk and have.. More

  • Suffers from Whispers about Divorce Date: 19-4-2018

    Assalamualaikum, this question is regarding divorce. The other day me and my husband were talking about the different types of divorce and I told him about the conditional divorce where the wife can put a condition on the husband for divorce and if the husband saids yes divorce takes place. I gave him the example of Fatwa 302737. When mentioning the.. More

  • She Suffers From Whispers about Divorce Date: 19-4-2018

    This is a follow up question 2696774 to my previous question which I am waiting for the response. If someone talks hypothetically about divorce using the pronouns I and you while referring to a hypothetical couple for the purpose of explaining divorce, What is the ruling on that type of scenario. Jazakallah for your help. .. More

  • Benefiting From Websites that May Have What Is Forbidden Date: 8-4-2018

    Shaikh, I questioned you about sending question in Islamic fatwa sites which contain some inappropriate/forbidden material like image ,graphics, videos with writings but their collection of fatwas are ok and they have huge collection of beneficial writings . you said there is no problems sending questions to those sites. But I have some new questions.. More

  • Recording Videos That Show the ‘Awrah Date: 8-4-2018

    In Islam, does it permit a male a who is video recording himself at a gym that is not mixed of the opposite gender demonstrating certain exercises, while in the background there are males who are wearing shorts that are in the middle of the thigh or lower of the thigh and to upload them online for others to benefit from? .. More

  • Overcome by Waswaas and Imaginations Date: 5-4-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum,I have suffered from severe waswaas in the past.I have often felt unhappy and unsatisfied in my life. Although I have been blessed with so much by Allah swt.Sometimes my imagination runs wild and I fantasize about how my life would be if I had made different choices in my life. In my mind I see all these different scenarios playing.. More

  • Sexual Calls and Sharing Nude Picture between Spouses Through Media Date: 2-4-2018

    Asalamoailkum: Hope you would be fine. I am 30year old men recently married and i am abroad after 3month of my marriage because of my job. My question is that is it permissible in islam to talk my wife regarding sex on phone . Can both spouse share their naked pic to each other for pleasure and satiafaction without masturbation as it is haram in islam... More

  • This Is Nothing but Whispers Date: 28-3-2018

    I sometimes think/say a particular thing is not mentioned in Quran. Then I doubt what if it is in the Quran. So afterwards I get scared and say my shahadah that what if it is in the Quran and I've denied it. If that particular thing really is not mentioned in the Quran, would I be doing kufr since I might have added something in the Quran? Or is it.. More

  • Satan Whispers to Him that He Is Showing Off Date: 26-3-2018

    Salaam ‘Alaykum.Respected Mashaaykh, what should a muwaswis (person suffering from waswasah (devilish whispering)) do if whenever he tries to do an act of worship sincerely for Allaah, the Shaytaan comes to him and says that the ‘ibaadah (act of worship) is for the person/people or that the person/people are watching him or the Shaytaan always reminds.. More