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  • When the Last Day is near, Thus-Suwayqatayn will demolish the Ka'bah Date: 27-3-2006

    Is there any Prophetic narration about the demolition of the Ka’bah when the Last Day is near? .. More

  • Gog and Magog are from the children of Aadam Date: 22-3-2006

    Who are Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog)? .. More

  • An Abyssinian will demolish the Ka'bah Date: 21-12-2005

    I would like to know if the following is true and is it one of the sign of the Day of Judgement. An Abyssinian leader with thin shins will destroy the Ka'bah. .. More

  • Dajjal's parents Date: 17-5-2005

    What will happen to Dajjal's parents? .. More

  • Signs of the Day of Judgement Date: 3-1-2005

    1) In what order if any will the following major signs of the Day of Judgement occur, the smoke (Dukhan) and will the people living in the west flock to the east i.e. the Muslim countries, also the three landslides and I am aware of one of these landslides taking place in the Arabian peninsula, where would the other two landslides occur,.. More

  • The beast of the earth Date: 27-12-2004

    Concerning the major signs of the Day of Judgement, what has the beast of the earth have to play in this critical period, also is it true that the beast will have Prophet Sulaymaan's ring and Prophet Moosaa's, may Allaah exalt their mention, stick as a sign to the Mu'mins, could you give me substantial amount of information on this topic... More

  • Location of the Dajjal Date: 30-11-2004

    Does Maseeh Dajjal come out from the Black Sea?.. More

  • Gog and Maggog, reported strange creatures and UFO's Date: 12-8-2004

    I was watching a documentary yesterday about strange creatures and they spoke about Big Foot. They say that many people have seen this human/monkey looking creature in the woods. They also spoke about UFOs and how many people have reported seeing them. What is the Islamic explanation of these phenomena? Are the Big Foot individuals of Agog and.. More

  • Al Mahdi in the Sunnah Date: 14-7-2004

    I want to thank you for being there and providing us real knowledge which every human being should have. Well, I have two things on my mind, which I need to know properly and in detail. The first thing is that I want to know if Imam Mahdi's arrival is mentioned in Qur'an or not? If yes, kindly tell me the Surahor verse number, so that I can.. More

  • The second coming of Jesus Date: 8-7-2004

    Is the belief in Second coming of Jesus a part of Iman? The site claims that the belief in the second coming of Jesus is not the part of Iman. The site claims that Sunnah consists only of practice and not beliefs. Imam Malik's Muwatta didn't mention anything regarding the second coming of Jesus? Is.. More

  • Time of the Last Hour Date: 28-6-2004

    It is said in the Quran that nobody knows when the Last Day will occur. It can happen anytime. But according to Hadith the Last Day will come only after Isa (A) comes. Then it iscertain thatthe Last Day will not occur before the arrival of Isa (A)? Is this against the Quranic teachings? We will be very sure that Last Day will occur only after.. More

  • When the Day of Judgment comes Date: 14-6-2004

    When will Dooms Day come? Explain it in detail. Also justify the statement that Dooms Day will come after the last Mu'min dies. Do you agree on this statement? Explain it briefly... More

  • The coming of Jesus Date: 27-5-2004

    Is Jesus Christ coming soon? .. More

  • Sun rose from the West on Mars Date: 24-4-2004

    I found on the Internet, on the Nasa’s web site, that the sun has risen from the West in the whole month of September 2003, on planet Mars. Does that have any relation with the Day of Judgment? Is that one of the major signs of the Akhira? Please, I want an answer... More

  • Claiming that the Mahdi will be of the Hanafi School Date: 8-2-2004

    A certain brother in South Africa says that when Imam Mahdi appears he will be a follower of the Hanafi Madhab. Is this correct?.. More