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  • The Antichrist and the Bermuda Triangle Date: 20-7-2011

    There is a book titled Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjjaal wa’l Harb Al-Qaadimah, written by Muhammad ‘Eesa Daawood. He states in it that the Antichrist will emerge from the Bermuda Triangle. What is your opinion about this?.. More

  • Evidence that refutes the Antichrist’s claimed divinity Date: 20-7-2011

    Some people, such as the Antichrist, allege divinity and people believe in the miracles that appear at their hands while they disbelieve in the miracles that appear at the hands of those who alleged that they are prophets, such as Musaylimah the Liar, while in both cases the claims are false. Why do people believe the miracles in the first case and.. More

  • Muslims should establish Islam and not wait for the Mahdi to appear before doing so Date: 19-7-2011

    Is the Muslim nation awaiting the return of the rightly-guided caliphate? Will the expected Mahdi come from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas? .. More

  • He is extremely afraid of Allaah’s punishments in the Hereafter Date: 4-2-2010

    Feeling Hopeless when hearing of the punishments... Salam, I am a revert muslim and I want to share with you my problem. I am a 20 yr old student studying in university. I converted to Islam not too long ago and I thought that I can agree of all of its percept morals and values. However, when I hear of the horrible punishments of Allah on non-muslims.. More

  • Conclusive proofs indicating that Hell exists now Date: 3-1-2010

    Has Hell already been created? Does it exist now?.. More

  • Books about reincarnation Date: 7-6-2004

    Is it true that reincarnation is a possibility or just a pure fake? Scientists have published books like ' Many Masters, Many Lives', ' Messages from the Masters', ' Reincarnation'. These scientists claim that small children speak like the souls of those who died, even going on to cite they speak strange languages which correspond to forgotten.. More

  • Language used in Hereafter Date: 4-6-2002

    What language will we use when we enter the Heaven, Kuboor (grave) or the Day of Judgment?.. More

  • Why Allah created Hell Date: 3-6-2002

    I have friend that is thinking of becoming a Muslim. She has a few questions though. If Allah is so merciful and kind why did He Create Hell for his creation? I don't know how to answer her, although I know why myself... More

  • Good works of non-Muslims in Hereafter Date: 13-5-2002

    If a non-Muslim does a good work will Allah give him the reward in Hereafter?.. More

  • People of Paradise and Hell-Fire Date: 25-9-2001

    I have several question: I took a religion class that made my faith in Islam very weak, things occurred to me like more people will go to hell then heaven because there were and are more non-Muslims. Why would Allah send most of his favorite creatures to Hell?A. If a non-Muslim do very good deeds all their life, will they go to Hell?.. More

  • End of Muslim community in 1500 (A.H) Date: 1-1-2001

    I have heard that there are Ahadith about end of the Muslim community in 1500 (Hegirian date) Is it true? .. More