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  • Issue of Migrating while Being Able to Practice their Religious Duties in Non-Muslim Country Date: 23-8-2021

    My parents came to live in the US from Pakistan then got US citizenship because of better opportunities and education regarding their jobs and work. My parents and I are layman muslims. I was born and raised in the US because my parents became US citizens before my birth and I got US citizenship from them as a result. My parents and I can practice Islam.. More

  • Travelling to or Living in Non-Muslim Countries Date: 25-6-2018

    Dear scholars. You directed me to similar questions, but they do not answer my questions as my questions are specific. Can you please provide specific answers to my questions:Assalamu aleykum va rahmatullah!As we know, it is forbidden to travel to non-muslim countries for purposes of tourism or unless there is a valid shari' excuse.1- What if a country.. More

  • Wife wants to leave non-Muslim country but husband refuses Date: 19-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband and I live in a non-Muslim country. I feel that my faith and level of worship have deteriorated, and I feel threatened by Islam-haters. A radical right-wing party rules here now. I am depressed. I miss Islam. I want to move to my husband's homeland, because I feel safe there. However, my husband does not see any problems,.. More

  • Working as pilot and traveling to non-Muslim countries Date: 24-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I wanted to know if it is permissible to be a pilot considering that I might have to travel to a lot of countries, including non-Muslim countries? .. More

  • Make Hijrah from non-Muslim country or go for 'Umrah Date: 24-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum, Shaykh. I live in the UK, and my life is ruined. I really cannot live here anymore, I have tried everything, I just cannot go on. For me to be able to hold on to Islam, what I must do is leave this place ASAP. I have been doing evil, disgusting major sins for years, there is no way I can change whilst remaining in this place. I have.. More

  • Moving to non-Muslim country to earn money and settle debt Date: 18-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently made Hijrah (emigration) from the USA to a Gulf country, praise be to Allah. However, after I arrived here I had issues with the folks at my work and left for another job with a considerably lower pay. For me, as long as the salary is enough to get by, it is ok. However, as a young man in the USA, I was very irresponsible.. More

  • Moving to a non-Muslim country for better income and work opportunities Date: 1-5-2015

    asalamI live in a muslim country and when I would be graduated from university inshallah I d like to move to canada or usa but I prefer canada .Anyway I want to do so because I can find better income there ,and there are other opportunities of work there and why not meet a non muslim woman and convert her in islam and get married inshallah . as I said.. More

  • Not forbidden to live in a city with no Masjid Date: 6-4-2015

    Assalamu Alaikum My Husband and I live a city that has no Masjid. However, his 3 year old son lives there with his mother. My Question: Is it haram to live in the same city with his son but, no masjid or, move a way an hour to a city with a masjid and not see his son so much.Thank you,Aisha .. More

  • Non-believing countries are dangerous for Muslims Date: 16-2-2015

    Im 27 year old from a well known muslim country. I have recently repented from all the sins I was engaging in since I was 18. I have grown a beard, pray on time and follow sunnah. Married recently Alhamduliah. The last 5 years of my life I was studing in the U.S. I was trying to be an "American guy" and engaged in a lot of sins drinking, smoking, sex.. More

  • Women receiving military training in a non-Muslim country Date: 16-2-2015

    As-salamualeikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuhu. I live in a non-islamic country, where initial military duty, for women over 18 y/o, is obligatory (for 11-12 months only). My question is following, is it permissable for a woman to attend to this? She is allowed to wear hijab, eat halal and pray. She gets paid, eat and live for free, she can take free.. More

  • The obligation to migrate to an environment safe from trials of faith Date: 8-11-2014

    As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. In the area of United states where I live, their are no Islamic institutions that are upon the Manhaj of the Salaf for our family to attend. For this reason I have tried, for many years, to get my husband to move. I know several sisters and their husbands who have already done so to a particular community,.. More

  • Obtaining citizenship of a non-Muslim country to get custody of one's child Date: 5-11-2014

    im a permanent resident in canada not a Citizen my wife is a canadian and we have a child, but we are getting divorced in the court (i divorced her 3 times, shar3an ) and im scared she will take my son from me and he will be lost in kuffar country, if i go to the court for our divorce she will take my son for sure and they may not let me see him again,.. More

  • Danger of residing in the West upon the Muslim's Fitrah Date: 27-10-2014

    I live in the west where women mix freely with men and where their awrah is not covered. I'm a young brother studing at college. I'm scared of the damage this environment has caused to my fitrah and that I'm becoming insensitive to women. Other than just lowering my gaze and avoiding interactions, what further actions can i also take to restore my sensitivity.. More

  • Impermissible to be naturalized as citizen of a non-Muslim country without necessity Date: 25-8-2014

    Assalamualaikum I have a permanent residence status in Canada and I am 5 months away from acquiring a citizenship. I have read your fatwa as regarding this topic over and over again and I understand that you discourage it unless there is a dire need. Although I don't have one as of now but my relatives keep telling me to go for it since they fear that.. More

  • Wants to emigrate from Bangladesh to the United Kingdom Date: 4-11-2013

    Assalamualaikum sheikh, I am currently residing in Bangladesh where the constitution has been recently changed from being a Muslim state to a Secular State although majority of the population is Musilm. Under such conditions am I considered to be living in a Muslim State? I have a medical condition since the last 7/8 years, i.e. dust and cold allergy.. More