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  • Using names of days and months derived from Roman gods Date: 17-4-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently came to know that Muslims are not allowed to wear/use products with the Nike logo because she was an ancient greek Goddess. I have stopped using such products, but I am confused because we do use the names of the days, like Sunday, Saturday, Monday, etc. These days were named after the Roman gods! January was named after.. More

  • Playing for team whose logo is ancient idol Date: 1-3-2017

    What is the ruling on playing for a soccer team called the Aztecs, named after the ancient civilization? They were known for their polytheism. Also, the logo of the soccer team is an Aztec bird, and I searched for the Aztec bird on Google, and it showed up as a false deity that they used to worship. Obviously, no one on the team really believes in that.. More

  • Sharing in price of Hindu idol Date: 23-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. During Diwali (Hindu festival of light), I and my Hindu friend were invited to someone’s home. My Hindu friend had purchased an idol of Ganesh as a gift. She had said that we would share the cost of the idol; out of fear that she would feel bad, I did not say anything. I have not given the money yet, is it permissible for me to.. More

  • Ruling on saying ‘Hallelujah’ Date: 15-2-2017

    Can Muslims use the word 'Hallelujah' in their conversation? It means 'Praise for God'. I heard that it stems from Jewish tradition. Does that affect the ruling? .. More

  • Attending Hindu pooja rituals Date: 12-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. I am from India. In our schools, colleges, institutions, and organizations, any programme is started by doing some pooja (a kind of worship to idols). We as students or employees are made to attend or sometimes even stand along with other peoplewhile they do the pooja. We have to do that unwillingly, but we do recognize.. More

  • Attending ceremony where Bible, Tripitak and Gita will be recited Date: 28-4-2016

    I recently got an award for something. My problem is that the ceremony where this award will be handed out to me will start with people reciting from the Holy Quran, the Bible, The Tripitaka and the Gita. This award will be important for me when I apply to universities, and not receiving this award may also cause problems for me at school. What should.. More

  • Sending new year cards to clients Date: 27-3-2016

    I am asked at work to send a new year's card to my clients. The card is from the company, we can put a personal message on it, such as, 'looking forward to other successful deals in the coming year.' Is this ok? .. More

  • Two reports about accepting gifts from non-Muslims in their festivals Date: 17-3-2016

    Assallaamu alaykum dear Scholar, my question is whether the following two narrations are authentic, and if so, then in which books are the sources of these two narrations? My confusion is due to the fact that some scholars say that it is premissible to accept gifts from the non-Muslims on their holidays, and they use these narrations as evidence, but.. More

  • Ruling on building memorials Date: 10-1-2016

    Dear scholars, I would like to know whether it is allowed to build a memorial? This memorial is not in the shape of any living animal or human being. It has an abstract shape, like a wall. It is built to mark a historical event that took place where many people were martyred by oppressors. Is it allowed to build a memorial for this purpose, without.. More

  • Selling cakes on Christmas Date: 5-12-2015

    Assalamu alaikkum...Am running a bakery. ..can I sale cakes in Christmas? .. More

  • Making promises by joining pinkies Date: 8-10-2015

    Assalam Alikom, May I please know the fatwa behind "pinky promise". Can we, as muslims, give pinky promises to others? Thank you .. More

  • Taking part in Red Nose Day in the UK Date: 2-4-2015

    Asallam U Alaikum,In the Uk in they have a day in March. which is to raise money for charity called red nose day. They do it every other year. The children in schools wear their own clothes or something red and bring in money to send to poor people in Africa. It is nothing to do with religion just to raise money for poor. Was it sinful for me as a parent.. More

  • Ruling on accepting Christmas gifts from stores Date: 3-2-2015

    Asalamu 3alaikum warahmatullahi ta3ala wabarakatuh I was wondering if it is haram to participate in a "Christmas giveaway" where a shop wants to give all their clients a special giveaway on instagram. It is a Chanel cardholder for women. They give it away for those who write their name, email, country and which bag is their dream bag. They call it a.. More

  • Taking part in Black Friday promotions Date: 16-1-2015

    Salam, What is the Islamic Ruling on Black Friday. People worldwide considered it as shopping day. Can muslim partake in any promo that is targeted or attached to this day. Masalam .. More

  • Ruling on photocopying Christmas-related material Date: 2-1-2015

    Asallam u alaikum A helper in a uk school who sometimes photo copies work sheets for the children was asked by the class teacher to photo copy words connected with christmas like 'tree' 'santa' 'christmas' etc. They said ok but they had no intention on doing it and to get out of it said they were busy with other things so the teacher did it themselves... More