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  • Having a Christmas tree for decoration Date: 22-6-2011

    Is it permissible to have a Christmas tree for decoration purposes outside the time of Christmas?.. More

  • Celebrating a girl's reaching puberty Date: 22-5-2011

    Assalalaikum My brother's daughter has started menstruating and my sister in law wants to celebrate by adorning my niece like a bride, throw a party and receive gifts and all. Her mother's side family have been doing it for every girl coming of age.Is this allowed in Islam or is it a bida'a?.. More

  • Birthday presents impermissible Date: 28-2-2011

    Is it permissible to give my wife a gift on her birthday?.. More

  • Celebrating the new year Date: 13-10-2010

    What is the ruling on celebrating the Christians’ new year?.. More

  • Criterion of prohibited imitation Date: 12-10-2010

    What kind of imitation of the disbelievers is prohibited by the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam?.. More

  • Participation in disbelievers’ celebrations Date: 23-9-2010

    What is the ruling on Muslims participating in New Year celebrations? .. More

  • He attended a birthday party only to please his relatives Date: 17-8-2010 husband attended a birthday though he believes that bithdays are not to be celebrated in islam. but he went to the party for his fathers sake. is it allowed? when asked by his wife he said he went there and ate the food and told them celebrating birthday is haram and he just came because they invited him with respect. Is it allowed?.. More

  • Accepting gifts given on one's birthday Date: 5-7-2010

    Assalamu Alaikum! Someone gave me a t-shirt for my birthday and I accepted it. Is it allowed for me to wear it? How about accepting gift given on the day of someone's birthday?.. More

  • Imitation of disbelievers in celebrating birthdays Date: 1-3-2010

    What is the ruling on celebrating children’s birthdays?.. More

  • Exchanging gifts during non-Muslim festivals Date: 31-1-2010

    What is the ruling on exchanging gifts with friends and relatives during festivals and birthdays?.. More

  • Celebrating Mother's day and Birthdays Date: 27-1-2010

    Would celebrating Mother's day and birthdays be considered as a good thing?.. More

  • Celebrating Valentine's Day Date: 27-1-2010

    Celebrating Valentine's Days has become widespread amongst young ladies lately. This is a Christian festival, during which red clothes shoes are wore and red roses are exchanged. Kindly clarify the ruling on celebrating such festivals... More

  • Festivals are part of the religion Date: 27-1-2010

    We were surprised with an official circular in the department we work at stating that the following two dates ( 12/25 and 7/1) according to the Gregorian calendar, are considered as official yearly festivals. This is the first time something like this happens in our country, and I would like for you to clarify the Islamic ruling on this matter and.. More

  • Holding sponsored activities for charity Date: 21-1-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, What is the ruling on muslims holding sponsored activites such as sponsored walking, sponsored silence and so on for charity? I'm asking because I was of the opinion that this falls under the category of imitating the kuffar, as this idea originated purely from them and they do outrageous thing all the under the name of charity.. More

  • The origin of the Christmas tree Date: 21-1-2010

    is celebrating christmas Halal or Haram ? and is there a something about that in Quran and hadeeths ? and is the christmas tree is the same tree that the jew will hide behaind it running from muslims in the end of the days ? and is it Halal to have a christmas tree around in the home ? hope you will back me up with all that from Quran and hadeeths and.. More