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  • If evil cannot be changed, move away so it can't be seen or heard Date: 25-7-2015

    Assalamualaikum, I am a 15 year old boy who lives in america. My questions are regarding those people that mock Islam. First, I was at soccer practice and I heard someone on the team mocking Islam, so I left just the general area with the excuse of getting soccer balls, and then I went back once I heard they left the conversation. Second, I was at summer.. More

  • Attending morning prayer at a Christian school Date: 3-2-2015

    Assalamu alaikum,i m studying in a Christian institution.every morning they ask all students to stand up for prayer..they play a song abt jesus saying that jesus is a father..then some words in Bible..then they say a prayer starting with 2"dear Lord"..then end up "In jesus name we pray Amen". can I stand for this..its a rule in college.but I never mind.. More

  • It is the duty of a Muslim to forbid evil even if he commits it himself Date: 16-1-2015

    I have a question about hypocrisy. I used to argue with my mum about wearing not modest clothing like clothing with very bright colours and tight and revealing clothes (in front of non-Mahrams) but I sometimes just did as she said knowing it is wrong. I used to basically say that wearing not modest clothing is wrong. Recently I started buying and wearing.. More

  • How to deal with an abusive dishonest boss Date: 5-4-2014

    Assalamualaikom Brothers, Please find the following questions that need your answer. 1. I would like to know how to respond Atheists mocking Islam due to the current situation in most Muslim countries. 2. I usually hear from scholars that 'an aunt is a mother', does it follow that nephew/niece are mandatory to follow their aunts? Does disobeying aunt.. More

  • Non-Muslims are required to follow the teachings of Islam Date: 15-3-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, Sometimes when I have my period I may sit with my non-Muslim relatives during the whole time between one prayer and another, because in winter in my country the prayer times are very close together. Do I incur any sin because they do not get up to pray during this time? Jazaakumu Allahu khair .. More

  • Reporting a proctor who allows cheating on exams Date: 6-3-2014

    During one of my exams the invigilator allowed full, complete cheating in the classroom. I did not cheat even one word. However I felt that cheating being allowed was unfair, because due to the noise of students asking each other questions, my exam did not go well due to noise. Feeling that something unfair had been done, I immediately filed a complaint.. More

  • Insulting the deities of disbelievers Date: 1-9-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum, In Quran ( 6:108), Allah asks the believers not to scold deities which other people worship lest they may scold us back. There are several verses in Quran where Allah explains how the idols are powerless and how those people who worship are lacking in intelligence and in error, misguidance. They are compared to cattles with no intelligence... More

  • Consequences of denouncing evil publicly should be considered Date: 13-1-2013

    Asalamu alaykum, we live in a none Muslim land and there are some Muslims who I have no personal relationship with (can’t advise them). They setup a company to do some work for the government and the company subcontracts a group of people mainly Muslims to perform the job. The company and a lot of these subcontractors have an agreement where they.. More

  • Sharing apartment with a non-Muslim and his girlfriend Date: 10-12-2012

    I am a muslim working in an arab country and sharing an apartment with a kafir and his girlfriend,it is haram to me but fine with him,company has refuse my request for a new apartment.what do i do? .. More

  • Demolishing idols in a non-Muslim country Date: 18-11-2012

    Assalamu Alaikum, In the Quran, Allah says that Abraham destroyed the idols to teach the people that idols don't have any power. In another place, Quran asks to follow the religion of Abraham. Is it required for a muslim living in a hindu country to destroy the idols. Will this not cause religious hatred and communal violence? Is it allowed to construct.. More

  • How to enjoin siblings to do good and depart evil Date: 19-3-2012

    Assalamu Alaikum. I'm the eldest son in my family, so I feel that I have a certain responsibility over my other siblings. I try and instill good values in them and make them the best Muslims they can possibly be. However, they still revert to their old ways. I was wondering if I must continue this or will I be judged for not calling them to pray, etc... More

  • Enjoining good without doing it Date: 11-3-2012

    What is the ruling regarding a person who calls people to obey Allaah The Almighty and many people are guided by him, however, at the same time he disobeys Allaah The Almighty? Will the good deeds of guiding others be written down in his record although he is disobedient? .. More

  • Should father or husband be obeyed if they ask a person not to encourage good and forbid evil Date: 11-3-2012

    Is it obligatory for the person who has acquired religious knowledge to teach it to others and to encourage good and forbid evil? Are the parents or the husband entitled to prevent their son, daughter or wife from encouraging good and forbidding evil?.. More

  • Da’wah in the light of Quran and Sunnah Date: 11-3-2012

    What is the best way to do Da‘wah in a society where sins, innovations and deviation from the rules of Allaah, The Almighty, are predominant, in addition to the lack of the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah, many of whom are being fought by the authorities?.. More

  • Sinners must still encourage good and forbid evil Date: 11-3-2012

    I heard the Imaam in a Friday sermon say that whoever desires to advise a person should first investigate whether he himself is free from that sin or not, this is because the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, warned us against this. However, all of us commit sins, especially in this era which is full of temptations. Man tries to resist his.. More